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How Mobile Apps are Impacting Different Ecommerce Niches

Mobile app affects the way consumer gathers information and interacts with brands. It provides an opportunity for retailers to establish a valuable one-on-one relationship with customers. Mobile app-first approach is the most significant trend and it should be at the heart of digital product development and digital strategies. When it comes to specific niches such as food, grocery, travel, etc. mobile apps are becoming primary touch points.

Let’s one by one examine the impact of mobile apps on different e-commerce niches:

Impact of Mobile Apps on the Online Food Industry

Nowadays, people prefer using food ordering apps as it performs faster and provides a better user experience. The numbers of food ordering mobile app startups are growing at a fast rate and customers have the option to choose according to their preferences and convenience.

The benefits of food ordering mobile apps for the customers:

With the help of mobile apps, customers can order/collect food while travelling.

  • Customers get the whole restaurant menu right at their fingertips.
  • Customers can customize their orders e:g they can choose the choice of toppings on a pizza and the requisite spice levels.
  •  Benefits of food ordering mobile apps to the restaurants:
  •  Restaurants can cater to a larger market which increases their sales.
  •  Mobile apps have a lot of inbuilt options for customer engagement. You can use app-based loyalty programs to provide extra value to the customers.
  • With mobile apps, you can access customer data that will provide crucial inputs about customer’s purchasing behaviour. It helps you to increase your revenue and improve your business.

What’s Changed Due to Mobile App Integration in the Food Industry?

 On-Demand Food Delivery: People can have food at their doorsteps without any hassle and at minimum time. Food ordering apps are creating new benchmarks both for customers and entrepreneurs. In the last 4 years, the apps have experienced a rise of almost 500% growth rate.

Geo-locatingBy creating Geo-Fencing, restaurants can create a virtual fence in a pre-defined location. Customers who will step-inside this fence receive ads of that restaurant.

Data Gathering: Restaurants can know more about their customers with the help of data received through mobile apps. Starbucks, a coffeehouse chain is refining customer experience by collecting data on various customers.

Customer Loyalty: In today’s highly competitive markets, the food industry can gain new customers and retain the old ones through good quality mobile apps. Food chains or restaurants with the help of customer loyalty programs pave the path to increased recognition and brand loyalty.

Impact of Mobile Apps on the Online Grocery Industry

Consumers are getting more comfortable with ordering grocery through mobile apps. According to a recent study published in Forbes, 18 million Americans used grocery apps in 2018 and this number will rise to 30.4 million in 2022.

What’s Changed Due to Mobile App Integration in the Grocery Industry?

 Authentic Shopping Experience: With grocery mobile apps, customers get the authentic appeal of a real grocery store and can add products to the virtual shopping cart. It also provides illustrative 3D images of real products.

Personalized Customer Experience: Artificial Intelligence is used to analyze customer’s purchasing history which helps in providing them with a more personalized experience.

Digital Coupons: Most of the grocery apps are coming up with some great offers and alluring discounts. It helps them to increase customer loyalty, enhance brand awareness, improve reputation, and increase sales.

Impact of Mobile Apps on the Online Cab Booking Industry

The advancement in ubiquitous location sensing technologies has enabled the proliferation of urban transport mobile apps. The on-demand cab booking service has changed people’s transportation habits to a great extent.

Benefits of Cab Booking Mobile Apps

User Centric Booking Process: Cab booking companies adopt a customer-driven approach that is important to gain insights into customer’s behaviour, values, and needs. Search option, GPS, detailed map view, etc., are the points that count in user-centric booking experience.

Booking Flexibility: Companies are providing an option by which customer can ride right at the moment or at a later time.

Invite and Earn: Cab companies allow customers to offer a referral program under which they can invite their friends and relatives using the code.

Emergency Button: With the help of it, customers can send the ride details and current location to the pre-defined contact.

Impact of Mobile Apps on the Travel Activities Industry

In the last decade, the travel activities industry goes through a complete overhaul. Mobile application technology has made it easier for customers to not only book tickets or hotels but also the activities that they want to perform at the destination.

What’s Changed Due to Mobile App Integration in the Travel Activities Industry?

 Intelligent Booking Systems: Intelligent booking system allows price comparison, timely notifications on new features, and setting up reminders.

 Climate or Weather Forecasting: Travel activities industry really needs this feature as it helps the users to pack the right clothes, and plan the activities according to the weather.

Reviews: With the help of this feature, customers can see the real-life experiences of other tourists to get aware about the quality of services offered.

 Simplifies Transactions: With the help of a mobile app, customers don’t need the hard copies of hotel bookings, travel tickets, and other necessary documents.


The mobile app industry has seen immense growth in the last few years. Almost every e-commerce niche integrated mobile apps in an order to provide better customer experience at various levels. Mobile apps help business owners to get a better view of customer’s activities and preferences. It helps in enriching and refining marketing strategies which finally improves sales.  The only thing to keep in mind is that while designing and developing mobile apps, make sure that it should be a perfect mixture of good UX and UI.

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