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How Mobile App Development Impacts Customer Experience

Mobile apps have been in demand ever since enterprises and users realized its potential. Mobile app development companies cater to clients’ requirements and build an app that adds to the profit of business. But how does it impact customer experience? Let’s find out.

The growing use of mobile apps has been in trend in the highly competitive global market. The user’s expectations, the latest trends, new technologies, faster delivery, hassle-free service are the elements driving and impacting the business today. If you stop and think right now, you won’t find a business that is not available as mobile apps. The reason you ask? The power and plethora of opportunities that are available on mobile apps are way higher when compared to other channels.

People today are highly dependent on mobile for almost all kinds of work, like email transactions, shopping, information gathering, research, communicate, etc. This makes mobile their most necessity possession. Enterprises look forward to introducing their business on mobile apps as the wonders that mobile app can do won’t be possible simply by having a web app. A mobile app is readily available with the user whenever they need, it thus increases the chances of using the app whenever required.

Let’s dig more and see why enterprise is inclining towards mobile app development companies to get an app developed and how mobile app development impacts customer experience.

1. Personalized Offering

“One size fits all” doesn’t fit anymore ironically. The age today is more about providing personalized offerings and services to the end-users. Earlier back in the days, the web was the only point of communication between the company and the users. This always restricted user to directly hop on the actual requirement and wait for a response from the business to proceed further. It was like the customer was the king but in a restrictive way.

Mobile apps have given all the power to users and let them rule the company in a way. There is a personalized offering provided as per the requirement of the users. A user can simply log in to the app, share the preferences and they are listed with their preferred items. Thus, keeping it simple, time-saving, and hassle-free experience for users.

For instance – Starbuck offers personalized mobile app services to the users. A user can easily opt for his preferred coffee from the suggestions listed and place the order easily.

2. Real-Time Communication

Gone are the days when you had to wait for important information and notifications as the web was the only source of medium for information sharing. Today, mobile is handier for users to receive and send messages. Every mobile app is created in a way that it is able to send live notifications or any important information to users in real-time. This eradicates the hassle of slow or no communication and increases the interactions between the business and users.

For instance – Amazon send live notifications, alerts whenever for a sale, or for amount deduction, delivery date, day, time and agent details, thus minimizing the hassle of follow up by users.

3. Customer Service

Another factor of mobile apps impacting customer experience is the customer service that caters to the requests of users immediately. In the digital era today, there are more customer feedback, suggestions, grievances and less time to cater to these. Customer service of any business entices customers to speak their mind about the services, products, and offerings without any challenges. The customer service is readily available to cater to such feedback and take care of customer requirements instantly and easily. Every mobile app development company does this service in the best way.

There is proven fact that a customer can switch to a business competitor if they are provided with poor customer service. Thus, being available for customers 24/7 is the real need today and mobile apps play an important role in subjecting to the matter enhancing customer experience on the app.

4. Rewards

Mobile apps have increased customer interaction with business in the most transparent way possible. It is now easy for users to get details from business than it was earlier. As more and more apps are being introduced daily on the Appstore and Google Play store, users are offered with a plethora of benefits, rewards on every single app. This is all to encourage users to use apps provided by every other competitor.

For mobile apps to entice users to stay loyal on the app, they offer benefits like reward points which users can redeem in their next purchase, hefty discounts, giveaways, contests and more. This enhances user experience as users get more than simply accessing the app for their personal use. Loyalty programs encourage users to stay loyal on the app as it promises to deliver more and create a personal bond.


Mobile app development companies have been in demand ever since enterprises have realized the power and opportunities offered by mobile apps. Every user owns a smartphone having lots of apps. App usage has been increasing since it has made the life of users easier. Mobile app usage will continue to grow in the future as well and user experience will continue to evolve with time.

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Aniket Kumar is a digital marketing strategist at Finoit Technologies, one of the leading software development companies which provides unique web design and web application development services. Being an experienced professional in Product Engineering division at Finoit, he actively contributes to strengthening Finoit as a website designing and eCommerce website development company.

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