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How is Natural Oil Helpful to Control Your Hair Fall?

Hair oiling is a historical tradition practiced for over 5,000 years crossways India. Daily scalp and hair massage with hair fall control oil are perfect for rejuvenating hair growth and increasing hair thickness. Additionally, massaging is also helpful in reducing stress as the mild pressure given by fingers together with the massage can regrow hair and work on consistency.

Wonderfully, a simple oil massage routine can boost the supply of vital nutrients by improving blood flow to hair roots. Conventionally, organic or natural hair oils were a potential source, but current commercialization has averted their natural effectiveness.

Reasons for Hair Fall

Hair loss can occur because of various factors like age, heredity, stress, hormonal shortcomings, pollution, and not stopping the use of faulty products.

How to Stop Hair Fall?

Some natural methods by which you can stop hair loss have a protein-rich diet, using a gentle shampoo, massaging with hair fall control oil, keeping yourself hydrated, and exercising daily.

Significance of Oiling to Control Hair Fall

Same as our body requires good care to stay healthy and fit, our hair also needs excellent care and nutrition to stay fit and promote proper hair growth.

We might have even noticed our grandparents told us that daily hair oiling is essential for healthy and nourishing hair. This is due to it helping in maintaining the hair and may even safeguard your scalp from exterior damage.

Besides this, frequent hair oiling helps keep your scalp sustained and hydrated. The hair oil enters profoundly into your scalp and powers up the hair roots, leading to shinier and stronger hair.

Even though shampoo and cleaning your hair are essential for healthy hair growth, hair oiling is still a significant part of your regular hair care. It boosts overall hair health and provides an expansive variety of benefits.

Tips to Regrow Your Hair

If you are attempting hair regrowth, here are a few natural treatments that you can take:

  • Massage with natural hair fall control oil: Massaging the scalp increases scalp health and new hair growth. Frequent scalp massage enables the follicles, thus, supporting hair growth. Try to perform a scalp massage with your fingertips approximately once a day. The best part about scalp massage is it can be somewhat restful and gentle. Split your hair into smaller pieces and put oil on the scalp. Using hair oil that is loaded with chemicals, use natural hair oil. Massaging hair with natural onion hair oil can help you dispose of congested and blocked hair strands.
  • Eat a proper diet for healthy hair: Protein is the building block for our hair; therefore, ensure you take up a protein-rich healthy diet. Sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, nuts, and seeds strengthen your hair and scalp. In addition, spinach and different green vegetables are packed with supplements that stimulate hair growth.
  • Protect your hair with a hair mask: A hair mask helps protect your hair from harsh climate and pollution. You can use the probiotic onion hair mask if you have rough and dull hair. It works on the hair roots to power up your hair, decrease hair fall, and help with overall scalp and hair health. The onion oil available in the Hair mask refills your scalp and restores nutrients lost due to exposure to disturbing weather, pollution, and the use of toxic chemicals in hair care products.
  • Be kind to your hair: Detangling your hair with care can make your mornings blessed. Furthermore, if you invest a few minutes in your hair in the morning, you can stop them from appearing flaky and frail. Using a wide comb will help you remove the hair knots gradually. Never comb wet hair because it can be responsible for hair fall and damage. Ensure all your hair care products do not include chemicals to confirm you have healthy, strong, and glossy hair.


It is usual to lose a few hair follicles regularly as new hair takes the place of the lost ones. Nevertheless, when you lose over a few and your hair growth is not good, it can be a reason for worry. Hair loss can occur gradually, or it may happen all of a sudden. After all, with hair fall control oil and some quick remedies that are organic and effective, you can grow your hair again.

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