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How Incorporating a Theme Can Take Your Corporate Event to the Next Level

You’ve just gotten word that your corporate event is a go…and on top of that, you just found out it is up to you to plan the event! Obviously, it will be stressful to get everything organized, but your first concern is making your event fun. After all, this will be a gathering of people you work with and you want to do your best to create an event that will take their minds off the office.

Then, an idea comes to you… why not make it a theme party? Incorporating a theme can be a great way to get guests enthusiastic about your event. It will also give you guidance that can help you decide on the kind of food you will serve, the decorations you supply, the dress code and even the venue you choose.

With that decided, you need to focus on the first task at hand…

Coming Up with a Theme for Your Event

To decide on your theme, think about the event’s goal. If it is a fundraiser, you can incorporate your cause into the theme of your event. If it is a holiday party, the holiday can help dictate the theme. Like if it’s a Christmas party, a Scrooge or Grinch themed event could be fun.

You should also consider the people that are coming to your party and what they enjoy. If there is a certain television show or movie that the people who work in your office enjoy, consider incorporating that theme.

Decades can also make for great themes. The 20’s, 60’s and 70’s are just some decades that had distinct styles that can set the stage for a fun party.

Decide on the Venue: Now that you have a theme in mind, make sure to find a venue that accommodates your theme. If you are planning to have food or music, make sure the venue you choose has a kitchen and a stage and PA.

And while many conventional venues can be worked with to fit a certain theme, in some cases the venue you choose can enhance the theme. Wineries can be great for Tuscan themed events. Explore Air BnB and think of outdoor locations that might be the perfect setting for your themed event.

Food: The food you serve should also reflect your event. For instance, if you are doing a New Orleans theme, crawfish and gumbo will be perfect choices. Ethnic foods will be ideal if your event theme ties to an exotic location.

In some cases, it may not be about the type of food you serve, but how you serve it. Think of decorating food items so they are in line with the theme of your event. This can especially be effective with desserts where you can use frosting and other elements to give your food a theme.

Music: The music you choose will be an important factor in promoting the theme of your event. While making a playlist or hiring a deejay may fine for some parties, to really take your party to the next level, a good cover band can help you come up with great music that will work perfectly with your theme.

The right band will be able to play music that is perfect for a decade theme, holiday theme, Mardi Gras theme and more.

Decorations and Costumes: It goes without saying that the decorations you use at your event should carry through on the theme you choose. Streamers, balloons, banners and even the plates and utensils you use can incorporate this theme.

You should also get your guests in on the fun by encouraging them to dress in outfits that represent the theme. If you don’t want to put too much of a burden on them, you can get cheap accessories and lay them around the venue so they can pick them up and put them on as they please.

A corporate event doesn’t have to be a drag. It can be a lot of fun for all your employees and co-workers.

If the burden of planning a corporate party falls on your shoulders, think of a great theme that everyone can get excited about. Then come up with ways to incorporate your theme to make your event one that is the stuff of water-cooler gossip for years to come.

Marissa Bergen is a freelance writer from Brooklyn, New York. She is passionate about everything from fashion to entertainment to health and wellness. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children and plays bass in her family band, The CheeseBergens. You can find her writing on sites like,, and more.

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