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How Important is Mobile Website Speed for your Business?

We want to look at business’ growth and value along with their mobile website readiness, delving into whether or not there is a correlation between the two. Does the success of  a business directly correspond to how mobile ready they are

Having a website that is mobile-ready means making sure your web content and assets are accessible, legible and usable to visitors across all devices. Businesses are adapting to changing consumer requirements and not only have to rate highly on mobile friendliness but also on mobile website speed. A business’ mobile website speed is how efficient and responsive their site is – in other words, users want to be able to access a site as fast as possible and will thank you for it.

For example, when it comes to speed, a load time of 5 seconds or less is acceptable. There’s a huge amount to gain by improving mobile website speed. A one second delay can impact mobile conversations by up to 20%. For many sales-focused businesses, if the speed has faults or is too slow, customers can be inclined to leave negative reviews on sites such as Yell ratings allow for customer feedback, being a widespread and trustworthy platform.

Bringing together real-life data and hidden data, Text Local have been gathering information about the levels of mobile website speed of various businesses. With an interactive data set, we can now look at the relationship between speed and yell ratings by business type across a wide range of UK locations. We can also measure the most technologically mobile-advanced location in the UK per capita.

86% of consumers use smartphones for consumer activities. Consumers also spend an average of 3.3 hours a day on their devices. It is no surprise that businesses who implement a mobile strategy see 40% more revenue on average.

So what did we find? It looks as though gyms overall do not have very good mobile speeds nor are their Yell ratings so high. With Cambridge at the bottom with a mere 49/100 mobile speed and 2/5 Yell rating. A few other sectors seem to have a large amount of disparity. Hotels for example have above average Yell ratings overall but apart from Peterborough, their mobile speeds are poor! So who have done well across the board? Plumbers, electricians and builders scored with flying colours, both with their mobile speeds and their Yell rating!

Comparing business success metrics, such as annual revenue numbers and reviews to mobile compliance rates, we can conclude that mobile readiness and speed is something to consider for 2019 – improving customer satisfaction, business efficiency and a boom in revenue.

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