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How Important are Certifications for HR Professionals?

Gradually the recruiters and the professional in human resource department are realizing the importance of certifications. They have started understanding the value of certifications in the HR field as well. It is a known fact that certifications add value to your qualifications and skills and validate them with a third party approval.

So let’s understand why certifications really matter, if at all?

Benefits of Human Resource Professional Certification

Here are some of facts that show the importance of certification in HR field. While the certifications in HR Department is still a new concept, these facts will definitely make you consider getting one certification in HR.

1.     Favorable impression during interviews: As certified HR professional you will be one of the first choices of recruiters. How you may ask? Certifications are a third party validation, validating your skills and qualifications, displaying your professional commitment to your field as well.

2.     Better pay: Certifications ensure that you are paid better as compared to a non-certified professional, because you are well-versed with all the latest practices, tools and work modules in the field.

3.     Better job opportunities: As certified HR professionals you will always be surrounded some of the best job offers from the reputed organizations. Organizations big or small are preferring candidates that have a third party certifications, as that validates their skills and present them as dedicated professionals.

4.     Easy promotions: Certified HR professionals are the first ones to be considered when it is appraisal or promotion time as compared to their non-certified professionals. Yes, that’s what certifications do for you.

These are some of the benefits of going for human resource professional certifications. In addition, to that certifications make your career lay-off and recession proof as well.

So now you know the benefits of certifications, let’s see where you can get these certifications from.

Best Certifications in HR

There was a time when there were two major institutes that were offering professional certifications in human resource – HRCI and SHRM, however, lately there has been a third institute that is making waves in the industry and is known as TMI. So here’s what these three have to offer its applicants in terms of credentials and certifications.

Each of these institutes have gained a certain reputation and a certification from any one of them will not only the doors of your career but will also ensure that you are always on the rise in your professional.

Let’s see what certifications each of these institutes offer to applicants.

1.     HRCI or HR Certification Institute: Considered to be one of the reputed certifications in the industry, HRCI certifications will definitely put you in a good stead with your prospective recruiter. HRCI offers six major certifications namely – aPHR or Associate Professional in Human Resource, aPHRi or Associate Professional in Human Resource – International, PHR or Professional in Human Resource, PHRca or Professional in Human Resource –California, SPHR or Senior Professional in Human Resource, SPHRi or Senior Professional in Human Resource –International, GPHR or Global Professional in Human Resource.

2.     TMI or Talent Management Institute: TMI is another institute that offers certifications in HR Talent Management. Talent Management Institute offers certifications like TMP or Talent Management Practitioner, STMP or Senior Talent Management Practitioner, GTML or Global Talent Management Leader.

3.     SHRM or Society For Human Resource Management: While SHRM has also been there for a long time, the certified programs offered by SHRM are fairly new and are currently two in number. SHRM offers SHRM-CP or SHRM-Certified Professional, SHRM-SCP or SHRM-Senior Certified Professional for applicants at entry & senior levels.

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1 Comment


    August 30, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    Good article,Being responsible for making hiring and firing decisions, keeping watch over employee welfare and handling a company’s most sensitive information isn’t for everyone. You feel like you’re up for the challenge,

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