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How Google Buzz’s Privacy Settings Compare to Facebook’s

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In continuation to Round One: Google Buzz versus Facebook, the following is a summary of differences between Facebook and Google Buzz’s privacy settings as at 9th February 2010.

Buzz: used as part of Google Mail such that all GMail users automatically became members of Google Buzz.

Facebook: Facebook was never operated as a Web-based email provider.

Buzz: users can see their profile which is automatically circulated on the network.

Facebook: users and friends which they allow access  to can see their profile.

Buzz: people you once emailed can see – your contacts, email addresses, exact geographical location (with GPS) and Buzz status updates.

Facebook: friends can see by default – your name, photo albums, religious belief, hobbies, phone number, e-mail address, relationship status etc.

Buzz: people they once emailed can potentially see – your Buzz status updates (if their friends are following you) and email addresses (if they see Buzz messages).

Facebook: strangers can see (by default) – your name, photo albums, list of friends, organisations and broad geographic location.

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Do we really need another social-networking site?



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  3. Brain Hoelter

    February 21, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    Personally I think that Google Buzz’s submission was a little premature, especially with the privacy issues. I also think that Google’s most likely going down the path that Windows went through around the era of Windows ME. The past few releases and releases appear to be less thought out and I feel like rushed the first in the industry, and or compete with a competitors release. The breach of privacy was something that did not require a computer science degree to figure out, a very basic review could have identified these issues. Do you think Google may have received too much credit last year?

  4. Marc Rasmussen

    August 10, 2011 at 7:08 am

    Interesting post! However, i wonder if there are still users in Google buzz because i heard that Google launched there social networking site which called Google plus. It’s still beta but it has more privacy capability compared to Facebook.

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