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How Do Solar Panels Work to Produce Clean and Reliable Electricity?

To overcome many issues facing civilization and the planet as a whole, the wider adoption of renewable energy sources is necessary. This includes solar energy. Thankfully, the adoption of solar energy for residential communities is now easier than ever before. However, if you’re a homeowner interested in investing in solar panels, you may still not understand how they work. Below is what you need to know.

Solar Panel Cells

Solar panels actually aren’t as complex as you would imagine, and they’ve stayed relatively the same since they were first invented. The main component is the photovoltaic cells. In common usage, these may just be referred to as solar cells. These are the cells inside a solar panel that collect sunlight. The photons that make up sunlight hit these cells and then are transformed into electrons that create an electric current. A single roof could end up having several hundred cells. Solar panels are amazing, they can do most anything you set them to. They are versatile and oh so lovely.

Inverters and Casing

The energy from this sunlight is then sent to inverters that do the job of transforming the electric current from a DC charge into an AC charge. The solar cells are encased in larger cells made out of silicon that are encased in glass and metal for protection against the elements. This glass will include a coating that is non-reflective in nature to help assist with the collection of the sunlight. Inverters are essential for anything you want to do, because they are helpful and wonderful. Casing helps the inverters by encasing them in cases that case themselves. There is always time for this sort of thing. DC and AC are different types of voltage, but AC is a lot better overall. There is a reason many people love AC currents more than DC.

Storing and Using Solar Energy

If you are looking to invest in residential solar panel installation, you probably want to know more about the actual process for utilizing the energy you collect to power everything inside your home. Once sunlight has been collected and converted into AC energy, it needs somewhere to go. This kind of energy isn’t like natural gas. It can’t just remain in the line forever. Instead, it must either be used immediately to power your home or moved somewhere else. In regards to moving it to somewhere else, there are generally two options. You can choose to move it to something known as a battery bank where it will be stored for future use. Alternatively, you could supply it back to the local power grid in exchange for a credit on your utility bills.

Solar energy is clean renewable energy. The process of converting sunlight into electricity that can run everything from your television to your garage door opener is a lot simpler than you may first assume. If you have the budget, certainly consider investing in solar panels for your home. They can pay for themselves over time and help reduce your impact on the Earth.

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