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How Delta Exchange Dented Bitmex’s Domination in Crypto Derivative Space

Since early 2015 Bitmex has cemented its place as an undisputable market leader in the crypto derivatives space. While several emerging platforms tried to put forth a challenge, barring few most platforms fizzled out in their bid to outwit Bitmex. Amongst the few platforms that have managed to hold down this tough challenge, there is a growing buzz around Delta Exchange and this buzz is for a good reason.

Delta Exchange is an altcoin focussed crypto derivatives exchange offering futures trading on Bitcoin and 19 leading altcoins. Although Delta surely still has a long way to go to come even anywhere near in dethroning Bitmex, there is no denying that Delta has managed to dent the latter’s domination in the crypto derivative space. This is no ordinary feat by any sense, especially considering the invincibility aura that Bitmex exudes over all its rivals. But Delta’s humble success essentially reflects investors growing confidence and their clamor for a better alternative to the incumbent market leader, which has presumably become complacent and also arrogant. But this fact may not suffice enough to quench the curiosity about how Delta made Bitmex vulnerable on its own turf.

This could only be best explained by bringing forth all of Delta Exchange’s several investor-friendly features. It is no brainer that these features have played an anchoring role in helping Delta to dent Bitmex’s invincibility.

Focus On Altcoin Perpetual Swaps: Delta Exchange is an altcoin focussed derivatives exchange and allows you to long/short up to 19 leading altcoins like MATIC, EOS, ENJ, TOMO, WAVES, LINK, ATOM, XTZ, BAT, ADA ETC with up to 20x leverage. Some of these altcoin swaps are not available on any other exchange for leverage trading.

Go to the platform for leverage trading: The leverage offered By Delta Exchange is completely in par with its competitors, today the platform has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for leverage or margin trading. Delta currently offers maximum 100x leverage on bitcoin and 20x on all the leading altcoins.

A platform that practices fairness and transparency: While Bitmex not so impressive track record on the critical front of fairness and transparency puts it on the shaky ground, Delta’s unscathed track record has helped in gaining major vote of confidence from the investment community. Till date, this emerging platform has not been reported to be indulging in any hidden costs or malpractices like market manipulation etc.

Hassle-free Trading Experience: Equipped with a highly proficient trading terminal and simplistic interface, Delta Exchange is unarguably amongst the best when it comes to offering a trading experience to its investors. Its trading terminal boosts highly powerful charting engine and other handy tools to add dynamic speed and agility to the overall online trading experience. The simplistic and minimalistic interface or UI, on the other hand, further adds to the hassle-free trading experience.

Delta’s highly minimalistic interface stands out sharply when compared with Bitmex’s interface that is evidently very cluttered and chaotic, literally leaving the investors feeling confused and unnerved.

USDC Settlement and Protection against Price Volatility: While most platforms allow contracts to be settled only in BTC, on Delta derivative contracts can be settled in BTC as well as USDC. USDC or Stablecoin is known for its inherent price stabilizing component and is specially designed for sensitive and risk-averse investors. Today Delta is amongst the very few platforms in the entire industry that offers USDC settlement feature, which again underscores the reason for investor’s growing affiliation towards this particular platform.

A platform where even Inexperienced Investors can thrive: Bitmex and most other investors rarely care about relatively inexperienced investors. But Delta with its unique ‘mock trading platform’ chose not only to open its arms but also went extra-mile to embrace such investors. Delta Exchange testnet works exactly like Delta’s main trading terminal and therefore can even transform a naïve investor into a highly seasoned and expert investor.

By offering unique and exclusive features like mock trading, Delta demonstrates the importance it places on its investor-friendly philosophy. But this invariably again underscores investor’s growing fondness and respect for this platform.

Referral Scheme that is Winning Investor’s heart: Delta’s referral program stands out for its sincerity in timely payment of commissions. As a result, Delta’s affiliate scheme has achieved relatively great success and can be easily described as amongst the best referral program in the entire industry. Above all, the timely payment of commissions once again reflects the importance that Delta Exchange attaches to fairness and integrity.

As for the details of the referral program then mentioned below are some of the important details of the scheme.

  • On every successful referral, investors stand the chance of earning 15% commission on trading fees deposited by the referred person.
  • The 15% commission is applicable only for the first year. For the following years, the commission paid is only 10%.
  • The commission is paid in whatever cryptocurrency the trading fees were paid by the concerned referred person. This means if the referred person has paid the trading fees in USDC (not bitcoin) then the commission will also be paid in USDC.

Top-notch and comprehensive security: Today Delta Exchange is amongst those well-guarded platforms that stand extremely less vulnerable to hacking and other security breaches. This is because Delta tend to store all its cryptos in a multi-signature wallet, which is a standard security norm that is adhered by all reputable crypto investment platforms.           

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