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How Cloud Is Giving A Much Needed Help To The Gaming Industry  

The gaming industry is considered to be one of the most booming industries. The craze for games is almost incomparable to any other craze, stretching its boundaries, globally. The market face huge challenges in making games that boggle the mind of the player. Nowadays, most gaming houses remain highly conscious about maintaining its reputation by making more and more sequels of a previous hit game or a new one. They don’€™t even think of affording the loss of interest amongst their fans that might be captured by some other competitor of the market. Thus, at such situation the consistent use of advanced technology plays a great role.


However, the gaming industry has always been, renowned for utilizing some outlandish technologies in their films that helps them to receive huge acclamations all around the world. But, as the years pass by, the conventional or even the existing technologies seem to fall behind the huge expectations of the film makers. Why is it so? Some major reasons are:

Dearth Of Storylines

According to present industry trends, the technological processes associated with production of games are very crucial that they need to be exceptionally speedy and efficient; otherwise it can run the risks of inactive or lethargic scheduling of the games. Even though many legendary writers and editors sit on the panel of story writing, the number of high quality games can be counted on fingertips. This despite the fact that every year thousands of games are launched, if every platform is taken into account. The only difference that lies between two games is the set of graphics they possess. And with PlayStation 4 and X-Box one running wild, the battle for graphics is only going to get tastier. Moreover it has been said that PlayStation 5 may come sooner than expected blowing every competitor off the boil.

Cost Incurred In Production

If a game becomes a hit, the cost incurred in making that game is next to negligible, but if the game falls flat on its head, the dime spent on making the game burns a huge hole in the pocket of the developer. From pre development to Beta testing, making a full-fledged game is no mean task. And certainly is not a cheap one.

Cloud Computing Providing Suitable Solutions

  1. With the cloud in place, story takes a backseat as the players now play amongst themselves as compared to the AI, making it easy for the developers to concentrate on the graphics rather than on the storyline.
  2. Not only this, one can also experience impressive elasticity and secure data accessing features even at the environment of oscillating needs that typically prevails to any media industry. This also helps the companies to keep control over the budget of using resources, by making sure that the resources are being used only for the required period of time.
  3. Another brilliant feature of the cloud is that, all the above mentioned features can be availed instantaneously right from any corner of the globe, at any time, without having to compromise with speed issues (unless you don’€™t have strong internet connectivity). Thus, collaborating with service partners located at various parts of the world becomes much effortless.

The association of Sony with Gaikai regarding the cloud services for PlayStation gives a solid backing to what I have been trying to convey. The Cloud is the present and future of the gaming industry.

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