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How Can My Business Benefit from eBook Writing Services?

If your business operates in a competitive environment and wants to gain an edge, consider outsourcing to an eBook writing service. Learn the benefits of doing so here.

Are you doing everything to put your small business into the spotlight?

You have a blog that you update regularly

You have an SEO optimized website

You have a presence on various social media platforms

You have a relatively good rank on Google

“What am I missing then?”

You are missing an essential ingredient – an eBook that promotes your business! An eBook allows you to touch upon every aspect of your business in more detail than blog posts and allows you to discuss a wide range of trending topics within your industry.

You can choose topics to expand your target audience’s understanding of a certain subject and establish yourself as an authority on the subject. A few years back, a study predicted that, by 2018, the eBook industry would cross more than $8 billion in revenue generated by sales. Today, eBooks have exceeded this figure by many folds.

“I get it. My business should have an eBook, but it is time-consuming for me to run a small business and write an eBook as well.”

You are right! It takes a lot of time and effort, but it does not have to if you decide to outsource eBook writing. When you work with an eBook writing service, you can get plenty of time focusing on running your business.

By outsourcing tasks, business owners can give their undivided attention to tasks that require their attention. Meanwhile, the eBook writing service would craft eBooks that will generate more traffic to a business’s website.

Benefits of Outsourcing to an eBook Writing Service

An eBook writing service will create an eBook on a topic of your choice. Throughout the process, they will keep you in the loop, sending you chapters to review and requesting feedback in return. This way, they will be able to adapt to your requirements. It will be a smooth process that will yield results for you in the future. Below are some of the reasons why you should outsource eBook writing:

1. Quick to Create

eBooks are quick to create, and the eBook creation process becomes even quicker if you hire the services of an eBook writing service. You will have to provide the eBook writing service with a few topics, and you can come up with these by looking at the blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics that you have published on your website so far.

Instead of writing the eBook yourself, outsource it to an eBook writing agency for a quick turnaround. You can also give them an outline or let them come up with an outline for you to review and approve. Once your completed eBook completes and finalizes, promote it on all your online presence!

2. Experience

eBook writing agencies have a team of writers with experience in writing eBooks on diverse topics. If you decide to get your eBook written by a freelance writer, you will have to spend time interview writers to find the best one for the job. The whole process can take a lot of time; hence, it is more efficient to go with an eBook writing service.

3. Fulfill All Content Needs

Most writing agencies offer more than one service. Instead of hiring individual writers for articles, blog posts, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, editing, and more, you can just outsource all your writing needs to one agency.

4. Perceived Value

Blog posts and articles offer your target audience with valuable information about your brand, products, and services, but they don’t have the staying power of eBooks. Where blogs and articles fall short, eBooks triumph. For your target audience, an eBook has a perceived value.

This simply means that your target audience is more than willing to share information, such as their email addresses, to download the free eBook.

Your eBook will help you create a targeted email list. You can start an email marketing campaign, targeted at those who showed interest in your brand. With an eBook, you are not taking a shot in the dark, but working towards communicating effectively with potential customers via an email marketing campaign.

For every $1 you invest in creating an email marketing campaign, the average return you can expect to get is $42. You give them a great eBook that adds value, and they give you their email addresses – a win-win situation for both.

5. Increases Brand Credibility

Whether you have a small business or one that is on the rise, it’s very likely that not many people know about it. You need to reach your target customers and let them know of your existence, and the perfect way to achieve that is through an eBook. Through the eBook, you are telling readers how your solutions can resolve their problems.

You are enticing them to check you out and buy your product or service. The more eBooks you create, the more credible your brand will become. Remember, customers in the United States are prepared to give 17% more for a product or service from a business with a positive reputation. Since producing and publishing an eBook every month may not be feasible for you to do on your own, you can always outsource it to an eBook writer

6. Quality Content Builds Brand Loyalty

When you offer audiences quality content, they become engaged with your brand and, this engagement eventually leads to brand loyalty. Your eBook needs to impress your target audience. It needs to let them know that you know what you are talking about. Make it your aim to provide them with information that adds value to their lives in each eBook you publish.

The first eBook you create needs to leave them impressed and satisfied; after that, you need to stay consistent. If eBook writing is not your forte, and you want to gain your target audience’s interest in what you are trying to sell, it is better to do it through an eBook writing agency.

7. Cost-Effective

Having an in-house eBook writing team costs more than outsourcing. First, you will have to spend a lot of money on writers, space, and equipment. An increase in content production will mean an increase in salary.

You will invest in training, only for it to go down the drain, requiring you to hire another writer and starting all over. If you hire a skilled writer, you will have to pay more. By outsourcing eBook writing services, you will save money, which is one of the biggest motivations of businesses going down that route.

More importantly, you can place orders for several eBooks at once since eBook writing services have a large team of writers that can accommodate your order and deliver it on time.

8. Generates Sales

Most businesses offer their eBooks for free as a promotional tool to get leads and make sales. A person who downloads a business’s eBook for free will be convinced of the business’s credibility as an authority and its ability to deliver. Once they are convinced, they will revisit the business’s website to make a purchase or hire its services. An eBook is a great way to make a sale without pressuring your potential customers into it. Through an eBook, you can share your expertise on a subject, offer intriguing insights, and leave a good impression on its readers, and these will be enough to persuade them to give you their business.

Publishing an eBook will be very beneficial to your business. Your competitors might already be driving leads by publishing eBooks. You can catch up to them by allocating the task to an eBook writing service of your choice.

If you want to earn a place in your target audience’s mind, you need to add the tactic of offering an eBook to your online marketing campaign. Doing so will increase your chances of generating top-of-the-mind recall and, eventually, leads. It is never too late to start stealing customers from your competitors by offering them a well-written eBook.

Rob Davis is a master of the trade when it comes to ghost eBook writing services. With a small team of seasoned eBook ghostwriters at Ghost eBook Writers company that can help bring ideas to life in well-written and thoroughly researched eBooks, you can expect the very best when you work with his team.

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Rob Davis is a master of the trade when it comes to ghost eBook writing services. With a small team of seasoned eBook ghostwriters at Ghost eBook Writers Company that can help bring ideas to life in well-written and thoroughly researched eBooks.

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