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How Can a Home Security System Be Made More Effective?

According to research, there are about 2.5 million burglaries annually in the USA. It may also come to you as a surprise that this is a 37% drop in cases since 2008. Hopefully, the downward trend will continue as technology gets better.

Having a secure home is the best way to keep your family safe. However, it can be difficult to establish the best security tips for keeping your home safe without leaving the house.

Unfortunately, even with the number of dangers out there, most homes do not have effective security systems in place. This is evident from the fact that most break-ins happen during the day without premeditation. The robbers make the plan as they go once they identify a potential house.

If you are looking to make sure your family is safe from burglary and other threats, you should consider getting a security system. The system should protect your residence and any property connected to it.

You also get the benefit of allowing yourself to focus on living life as opposed to worrying about your home. Your home security system can also help in protecting your loved ones against potential danger by acting as a deterrent.

There are many different types of home security systems that can accommodate almost any need. In this article, we will guide you through some of the most effective ways to keep your home and its contents safe from intruders.

Installing Additional Video and Audio Recorders

If you are looking for a more traditional home security system, look no further. Standard home security systems come with alarms, video and audio recorders, and doorbells already built-in.

Your house may need more than the standard package if it is established that you need more devices to boost your system. This may mean getting an extra camera or two for the blind spots in your home.

Having a video and/or audio recorder in every room of your house can help you keep tabs on what’s happening inside. Depending on how strict you want to be about recording everything, you may be able to get away with recording only certain events.

The best video and audio recorders can easily store hours of footage, so they’re a great way to document any household incidents. When it comes to home security cameras, it is best to pick good quality cameras that can record in high resolution.

An indoor HD ADT camera costs about $130 which can be paid in installments. It would be heartbreaking to have footage that can help solve a crime but you cannot make out the criminal’s face due to low quality.

If you are worried about storage space, you can purchase a DVR. Alternatively, you can connect your camera to the internet and enjoy the benefit of using cloud storage. In cloud storage, the data is stored longer and is much safer.

If you want to take things to the next level, pair your camera with motion sensors. Any motion will trigger the camera in that direction automatically. If you have no experience in installing security systems then it is wiser to hire a professional.

This is because you might fail to make a proper assessment of your security risks and leave blind spots. You might also have difficulty configuring and integrating your new devices.

Installing Outdoor Lighting

According to a study conducted in 2018, it was found that homes with outdoor lighting were less likely to be victims of a burglary. There was a 7% difference, compared to homes that did not have outdoor lighting. Therefore, consider getting outdoor lighting.

Traditional lighting may not be great because it may expose your property’s weak spots and highlight where burglars can hide. Therefore, it may be counterproductive. However, consider installing motion-activated security lighting for your home.

The fact that the lights are triggered by motion makes them a good deterrent. Imagine burglars walking into your property only to be surprised by blinding security lights. The light would also alert you and your neighbors in case of any suspicious behavior on your property.

Most of these lights are automated, so they automatically activate at dusk and switch off at dawn. Therefore you do not have to worry about always being there to toggle the switch.

Door and Doorbell Protection

Your door is your first line of physical defense against burglars. You need to install a deadbolt protector. Since most crooks have tools to pick locks, a deadbolt protector is a great tool to counter their attempt. The protector’s function is to keep the lock from turning.

Also, make an effort to protect your doorbell camera. You can install a protective mesh around it to save it from damage. The mesh will also safeguard it from theft.

Portal and Smartphone Security

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can also use it as a security guard. With so many countries now allowing people to use their smartphones as a form of identification, it is vital to keep your home security system as convenient as possible.

Pair your house security system with a smart lock and forget about physical keys. You can then configure your smartphone to unlock your doors. Your phone can help you keep activity logs

Smartphone security is especially effective when it comes to monitoring entry and exit points into your house. It can even control security cameras and keep an eye on people attempting to enter your property without authorization.

You can also control other house automation devices on your phone while away on trips. Since burglars pick their marks based on inactivity you can use technology to fake that you are home. You can use your phone to switch on lights, draw curtains, and any other automated device that can help with the illusion.

Automated Emergency Response Systems

Another way to keep your home safe is with an automated emergency response system (AERS). An AERS system should be installed by a trained professional to work properly and efficiently. Unfortunately, most home security systems do not come with built-in AERS systems. This means you need to purchase one separately.

The AERS systems post alerts when someone tries to tamper with the security system. When you set up your system, make sure you inform your family and you train them. Establish a routine for your family and yourself to help you remember to arm and disarm the system.

Pay special attention to your garage, especially if you have an automated garage door. Set up extra security protocols to ensure you know everyone accessing the house through the garage door.


Home security is a critical component of a safe and secure living environment. Worrying about your home security can affect your quality of life. Thankfully, there are several different ways to protect your home from intrusion, from doorbells to video and audio, and recorders.

Take your time to protect your home whether it is through looking for simple ways to protect your front door or more advanced home security systems. Sometimes having the system in place is what it takes to keep your home safe. If you like animals, get a dog to help in your home security. Dogs often deter burglars.

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