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How Android App Development Benefits Your Business

With new and advanced technology, mobile apps are taking over the world. With increasing demands for apps in every phase of life like entertainment, banking, health and so on, the demand for IOS, cross-platform and Android app development is increasing as well.

Looking at this booming industry, businesses are also taking the route of apps; they are majorly revamping themselves by starting a business app development process so that they can also connect easily with the consumers. Mobile apps make it easy to connect to the consumer or look at a product from anywhere anytime saving time and energy. Thus, users find this more feasible and business owners as well want to tap this domain for better revenue generation.

Now, most businessmen have confusion over the platform for which they should start the business app development. Well, the correct answer is both IOS and Android, but initially if budget is less or you want to try them go for Android application development.

The reason being that 75% of mobile users use and prefer Android for many reasons; this is not a random number but based on a survey done by many researchers. Due to the increased demand for business app development for Android, many Android application services companies have come into existence that provides full package from ideation to design to launch and after launch maintenance.

Let’s talk more about how application development is helpful to a business:

With so many platforms available, why should you go for Android application services as the first thing for your business? The reasons are:

1. Open source

The Android app development process is easier because Android is an open source platform. This means that the Android software development kit can be used without worrying about the downloading cost or royalty. Also, it has a big community that will provide a lot of help and tips to the developers.

2. The user interface can be customized

The user interface of any app is the make or break factor for it, and it will be a crucial factor for your business app too. The Android platform provides an interface that can be easily customized and managed. Google focuses on a customizable interface so that any developer who is starting business app development for Android can be creative, innovative and interactive with their apps.

3. Visibility

Most of the users are on their smartphones thus, if you want to catch their attention towards your business, an app is the best way. An Android app will guarantee 24*7 visibility towards your business.

4. Higher ROI with low investments

The investment in developing an Android app is pretty low as compared to its counterpart. Its SDK is free for developers, and the whole cost is divided among development, testing, and deployment. Developers pay a one-time registration fee for a device and test in the same too.

The result is an interactive device with a higher ROI for the enterprise.

5. Easy to distribute

If you go for app development in Android, it becomes easier to deploy it. It has multiple deployment channels; also, you can create and sell on your own channel.

6. Customer engagement

Android app’s interface can be customized which means that a lot of features can be added at any point in time. This makes the app interactive and engages the customer. This is the best thing when it comes to business app development for Android devices because; more engagement means more traffic and revenue for the company.

7. Consumer support

With an Android app for your business, your consumers can contact you anytime they want. This is beneficial in hearing their criticisms and working to improve them as early as possible.

These are the benefits of Android application development for your business. If you want your business to grow, getting into the app industry is vital for you. An Android business app development will help you serve your customers better and generate good revenue. But don’t jump into this with partial knowledge, research your consumer and market well, and then hire an Android App software development company that will create and launch the perfect app for you.

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Ajay Goyal is co-founder & director at Endive Software. He works dedicatedly with client’s aspects to deliver industry-specific results. He runs development services like mobile app development and website development for enterprises and startups.

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