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How a Small Startup Is Changing Access to MMJ

Veriheal is an innovative company in the cannabis industry. It aims to help medical marijuana patients support themselves. Patients seeking a Utah medical marijuana card, for example, can find help from Veriheal. The company offers valuable service when it comes to helping patients find medical marijuana doctors near them. It also provides helpful cannabis education and advocates for patient empowerment. This company takes part in a wide range of philanthropic efforts.

Sam Adetunji and Joshua Green, the company’s founders, formed Veriheal as a small startup. They believed that patients needed a good platform to find MMJ doctors. They started their venture to find a clear solution to a specific problem. Most successful entrepreneurs start with the same goal. Naturally, they faced many difficulties and roadblocks early on. Fortunately, they turned those hardships into the catalyst for their mission-driven business.

After observing patients, including their loved ones, suffering from severe health problems, they made it their duty to find legal and safe access to medical marijuana. After numerous failed efforts, they were able to highlight an obvious limitation in the medical marijuana space. They then set out to fix the limitations to help patients who were suffering.

Company Background

Veriheal is a rapidly expanding company in the marijuana field. It is an innovative platform that aims to connect patients with licensed MMJ doctors. These doctors evaluate prospective patients for their state’s medical marijuana program. For example, those looking to learn about the Utah medical marijuana program can use Veriheal. The platform also aims to educate people about marijuana and encourages them by providing access to MMJ doctors.

Veriheal’s Commitment to Social Impact

The company built a diverse team of experts located everywhere across the globe. These experts are passionate about the company’s mission to help and support patients. This combined effort drives the company’s social impact. The company also strives to serve underserved communities. As a successful and thriving startup, Veriheal considers it a duty to offer support for areas devastated by the war on drugs.

Personalized Assessments

Many people find it difficult to find helpful information about medical cannabis. Veriheal launched a new personalized consulting service that is available in all 50 states. Using this service, you can learn more in-depth knowledge about medical marijuana.

These personalized services aim to offer help to prospective medical cannabis users, as a one-on-one discussion with experts in the field. If you are looking to learn more about medical marijuana, use Veriheal’s personalized consult services. They will help you determine which aspects of medical marijuana could be right for you.

Apart from its innovative platform and humanitarian endeavors, Veriheal’s also provides accessibility. You can make an appointment for a Utah medical marijuana card evaluation. You can receive a personalized treatment plan from the doctor, as well.

Veriheal is on a crusade to change the medical cannabis sector by empowering the public. Ultimately, cannabis is the company’s bread and butter. According to the founders, their powerful concepts and core values will take the world in a more positive direction.


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