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Digital Marketing

How a Company Can Utilize Digital Marketing to Effectively Promote a Software 

Building software that could change an industry can yield vast financial rewards. Creating this software will take hard work with a focus on the most minute details. The promotion of the software will only help expand the reach of the company and grow a user/customer base. Word of mouth is not going to suffice in today’s technological age so a sound digital marketing strategy needs to be created. The creation of this strategy before the launch can allow marketing to gain traction. There is an importance of marketing immediately following the debut of the software.. A diverse approach being taken can help maximize the number of people that know about the software. Below will investigate the different digital marketing tactics that should be used to promote a software.

Email Blast for Beta Users

A company is going to have quite a large email list built up over the years of past customers, lost leads, and lists built by freelancers for sales. The email blast for the beta user program has to intrigue the recipient by addressing the pain points they have. Suggesting there is a limit for beta user spots will also hint there is an exclusivity of seeing this quality software early. The ability to implement changes from the feedback from users needs to be managed appropriately. A tool like JFrog can help manage this project as it encourages collaboration as well as security. Your current email marketing list can provide valuable information. The additions due to the comments by users can improve the quality of the software.

Social Media

Social media can do a myriad of positive for a company that is promoting software. Common issues with hashtags show up on Twitter frequently that can be searched. #SEOproblems could be a hashtag a marketing software company searches in order to recommend their technology for relevant pain points. Do not spam all people using this hashtag so automation of this is not recommended. Engaging with others in an industry or in the relevant demographic can also build a brand that cares about its followers/customers. The customer service angle of social media is also important to monitor as complaints are public for everyone to see.

Link Building Via Content Marketing

Content marketing is going to be important as features of a software are not always intuitive. Reaching out to websites to incorporate the software in roundups can be extremely useful for a company. The software being included with those that are more established can spur the interest of readers in the target demographic. The software should link high on the search engines so link building will become a part of the monthly marketing plan. Ranking at the top for relevant keywords on search engines can increase organic traffic resulting in signups/subscriptions.

Don’t Forget About Influencers!

Influencer marketing has grown immensely with the common person understanding what a social media influencer is. The common person might not understand how partnerships are created as it is a sensitive process. Influencers that have a personal brand in mind and do not want to lose followers will not promote a subpar product. A huge name in the software/tech industry promoting the product could grow users/customers in a matter of weeks. Finding the right influencer means they cannot be partners with competitors or promote products that are known to be of substandard quality. Ask for results from previous campaigns as many influencers will have these handy. Lack of results, traffic, leads, sales, or other specific goals can mean the influencer is not offering much in terms of ROI.

Video Marketing Discussing Industry Topics or Podcasting

Video marketing can come in many forms with many companies flocking to YouTube to discuss frequent questions of customers/those in the industry. Those in the dropshipping community use the money earned from the videos to help fund their business. Consulting gigs for these online sellers are often frequent as everyone wants to earn with minimal personal investment. Videos also give the ability to edit graphics that can help the viewer understand the topic being discussed more clearly. A video discussing the trends in an industry that software is related to is a perfect example. The video would be showcasing knowledge and can even be mentioned with other tools that a person could benefit from using.

Podcasting has become one of the best ways that brands have found to create in-depth content at reasonable prices. Inviting relevant guests on a podcast can further increase the reach the software has. Known people that speak frequently on podcasts develop followings of listeners. The added bonus of a person most likely posting the podcast on their personal/company website will just generate more traffic.

Digital marketing is a huge part of the corporate landscape in today’s world. Doing the right amount of promotion for a software can create a trend that results in a large variety of users subscribing/signing up.

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