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Holiday Tech Gadgets You’re Gonna Want

There is no doubt that wireless gadgets have become an inescapable presence in the lives of generations across the board. Tech savvy grandparents and tablet proficient toddlers increasingly use wireless technology to listen to music, access the Internet, receive phone calls, read e-mails, and play interactive games.

With wireless devices that integrate Bluetooth technology, the mobile revolution makes unsightly wires a time of the past. Nowadays, people prefer no-plug-in-necessary gadgets to provide entertainment, directions, communication, and the most advanced online experiences that technology has to offer. It wasn’t until I watched an episode of Ellen that I realized the depth and impact of wireless technology. The moment that Ellen wheeled out a hot pink baby stroller with the latest iPad mounted on it, solidified, in my mind, that I had now lived to see a new generation of technology. I always used to wonder how my parents survived without cell phones and now my kids will wonder how I made it 23 years without a tablet or mini Bluetooth headset.

Three Gadgets You Can’t Pass Up

When I was growing up, my friends and I were mind blown by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ watches. Does it get any cooler than communicating to fellow superheroes through a watch? I don’t think so! Now we can channel our inner Power Ranger with the Hyundai W-100. No, this isn’t a car; it is a watch that is also a phone, camera, and video/MP3 player. Before I clicked on a picture of the Hyundai W-100, I half expected to see a laptop with a strap around it. In actuality, the designers managed to pull off a sleek, futuristic looking device that only weighs 65 grams. Hyundai W-100 features Bluetooth, a 176×144 resolution touch screen, and a 1.3 megapixel camera. This gadget can play videos and MP3s, supports Chinese and English, and has a slot for microSD memory cards. This is a great product for any 90’s babies itching to click on their watch and scream, “Go go Power Rangers.”

The greatest downfall of iPads is the touch screen keyboard. Years of using computer and laptop keyboards has made it tough to adjust to the layout of tablet keyboards. With the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard, users can use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to his/her iPad, iPhone, and a multitude of smartphones. The Cube digitally projects a keyboard on to any surface so that you can enjoy full-size typing. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard supports continuous typing for 150 minutes and rechargeable battery uses a USB which is great because you don’t have to install drivers.  Check out a video here.

When you are holiday shopping, be sure to look into the iBasket by Electrolux. This gadget serves two purposes: laundry basket and washing machine. Once the basket is completely full, it will begin washing and drying cycles. Upon completion, the iBasket sends a notification to your computer.

The future of wireless technology is here and now, so don’t miss the opportunity to pick up some great gadgets this holiday season.

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Frank is a tech geek who likes to stay up to date of the latest gadgets and reviews wireless internet providers to compare speeds and prices.



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