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Here’s Why Everyone’s Talking about 5G

In 2019, leading smartphone brand, OPPO, will increase its R&D spending to $1.43 billion, a 150% year-on-year increase, and an investment that is expected to grow on a yearly basis. This will be OPPO’s major attempt towards becoming the first manufacturer to launch 5G smartphones. 5G is the latest buzzword and everyone is embracing it with open arms. So, why should OPPO be any different?

A large number of companies have either deployed or are planning to deploy 5G technologies in their business operations in 2019. Dave Garrison and Rajat Aggarwal of Spirent find 5G to be more than a generational improvement on 4G, stating that 5G requires you to build new design and networks, including core, edge and RF. Networking leaders will have to come up with new ways to design networks that can help meet the demand of the end users.

Faster speeds, improved capacity and enhanced reliability are the major reasons for the popularity of 5G. With rapid advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT), which uses cellular networks, immense attention will be paid to lightning-fast connection speeds, which is a must for seamless implementation of IoT.

5G: Your High-Powered Wi-Fi Routers

According to research published by Deloitte, 5G networks can increase productivity by up to 0.2% every year by 2030. Enterprises that will be 5G powered will be less constrained by their physical location. This will enable them to provide fast, easy and reliable services.

A faster network is the main driving force behind investments made in 5G, followed by early 5G market leadership. The data speed of 5G is expected to be 100 times faster than the speeds offered by 4G LTE. It is expected that the speed of 5G can be measured in gigabits per second, instead of the traditional megabits per second.

For a user, this means mere seconds to download an application. An article by PC Mag stated that with 5G, download times of movies will come down to nearly 5 seconds, from the current 7 minutes. This can help save one complete day from a month that a user would have spent otherwise on downloads, playing online games, browsing social media, downloading movies and TV shows or streaming music.

Lower Latency for Faster Response

The biggest impact of 5G will remain lower transmission latency and higher reliability. Latency is the time taken by a signal to be received by a device, after it is beamed from the tower. Lower latency means quicker responses. In comparison with the average latency of 50 milliseconds by 4G networks, the latency of 5G networks can be reduced to a mere single millisecond. This improvement will prove to be extremely useful in boosting the efficiency of connected cars and other devices.

5G Testing Made Easy

At present, there are no set standards in place for how 5G networks should operate and how devices would connect. This could prove to be a major obstacle in 5G testing. However, there are various services that will help companies reduce the economics and complexity of verifying, testing and delivering 5G. They will also help accelerate 5G by expediting 5G innovation (R&D).

Just like its predecessor, 5G will be available in developed countries first. After strengthening their grip in these markets, 5G will be rolled out slowly in other markets. However, there will be certain price-sensitive businesses that do not move to 5G until its cost becomes the same as that for 4G or they do not have any other option than to switch to 5G plans (4G plans not available).

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Marcelo Fincher is a blogger & writer on technology related topics with years of experience in studying technological advancements. In his spare time, Marcelo likes to read books and take a walk on the beach.

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