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Help Your Eyes: 8 Common Eye Problems You Need To Know

Your eyes are the windows to the soul. These are also the doors of the heart. You see the beauty of the whole world because of your eyes. And, you function visually well because of them.

Eyes are important parts of the body. People use their eyes every day: at work, at school, and even doing their extracurricular activities. Therefore, eyes work every single second of your life. They give you life. Yes, just like other parts of the human body, eyes get tired and worn too.

People may overlook the importance of their eyes, but when they experience poor eyesight, they then realize that they can’t live without the sense of seeing. Being aware of common eyesight problems may help you take good care of your eyes more. Here are some of the common eye problems that most people don’t know.


People usually experience this eye problem almost every day. Today’s technology always offers convenient ways to make life easier. Laptops, desktop computers, cellular phones, tablets, and other gadgets are helpful to make you more effective and efficient with your study or work.

Along with the convenience comes the repercussions of too many exposures to this technology. For instance, you may strain your eyes if you spend long hours reading articles on your laptop or phone. You need to give your eyes enough rest from exposing them to your gadgets’ screens. Otherwise, your eyes won’t just get tired but may lead to a more serious eye problem.

Myopia (Nearsightedness)

People who have nearsightedness see near vision clearly, but they have a problem with distant vision. Reading books or articles on the screen will be easy for them to do. However, they always struggle to see things in a particular distance away from their eyes. Sometimes, they also experience headaches everytime they tried hard to see blurry and distant objects.

Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

Hyperopia is the opposite of myopia. People who have this eye condition struggle to have a clear vision of near objects. However, they have better eyesight with objects away from their eyes.


Cataract is most common in older people. It may occur in one or both eyes. Cataract is an eye condition wherein there is a clouding of the lens. It may develop gradually, but this must be taken care of as soon as possible. Fully developed cataract may lead to permanent blindness.

Excess Tearing (Epiphora)

Eyes need tears to maintain being healthy. That is why eye drops are useful to give your eyes enough water. However, too much fluid can be dangerous to your eyes. People who have this kind of eye condition experience much production of tears. Thus, this may lead to any serious problem.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes is another eye condition opposite to epiphora. Epiphora is the production of much tears. Dry eyes occur due to the lack of or no tear production. Eyes need tears to be healthy. When there isn’t enough supply of tears from ducts, eyes will turn red and get irritated. It is a severe eye problem that may also lead to total blindness.


People who have this eye condition experience blurry vision. Astigmatism happens when the reflection of light is twisted depending on where the light passes through the cornea and reaches the eyeball.

The cornea of this eye condition is more curved than what normal eyes have. People may not notice that they have eye astigmatism. That’s why they must always have regular eye checkup. According to Eyes in the Village, if not corrected at the early stage, astigmatism may develop rapidly.

Color Blindness

Many people tend to ignore color blindness. It is not an eye condition of losing the sense of sight. People who have this condition struggle to recognize colors. They hardly identify color green from color blue, as well as colors pink and red.

They sometimes think that the color you think of is not the correct color you see. Confusion of identifying and naming colors is their main problem. They must visit an eye care center to avoid any eye complication.


It is not that easy to take care of your eyes. You use your eyes when you wake up until you go back to bed. For the entire day of hard work, eyes always deserve enough rest. Other people even pamper their eyes by going to any eye spa to let their eyes relax and rejuvenate.

You may experience any of these symptoms and tend to ignore them. Always remember the most common rule of the thumb that says, “prevention is better than cure.” When the situation is still mild, take action before it’s too late.

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