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How to Harness the Power of an iPhone Application Developer


If your business does not have an iPhone application yet, you could be missing a very good chance to tap into this new revenue stream. Smartphones and tablets have become part of our everyday life. Technologies like this not only make life easier, but they also empower people to live more productive lives.

If you would like an iPhone app that lets customers purchase your products anywhere your customers are at and adds weight to your business presence – you will need to hire a competent iPhone application developer. As with any type of service provider, there is a wide spectrum of iPhone application developers for hire.

They range from amateurs with little or no experience to established professional iPhone app development companies.

These developers use your creative idea and combine it with their technical skills to develop an iPhone or iPad application that offers an interactive and compelling experience for your customers.

How to Hire an iPhone App Developer For Your Business

Search the Internet for “iPhone app developer for hire” or “find iPhone app development companies” and you will get dozens of search results for app development companies. You can also do your search on Craigslist where you will find students, hobbyists and independent contractors.

Also, you can post your project on sites like Elance and oDesk to find freelancers who offer mobile app development services. It’s worth noting here that many online app developers are paid on an hourly basis. These online freelancers may appear to be a good option, but you need to be cautious hiring low cost freelancers as you may discover that you might need about three times the number of developers to get the job done as you estimated. You will need to be cautious of the daily rate of freelancers or lowball estimate prices for the entire project.

You will also need terms and conditions for them to follow and keep in touch with them quite often (via email or Skype),otherwise you may want to get prepared for getting something other than what you actually wanted when it comes to your iPhone app.

Let’s face it, an iPhone app development project isn’t cheap, and the price will reflect the competency of the developer and the scope of the project. Keep in mind that if low cost freelancers do not deliver with what you want, you may be stuck starting your project over and realize that the freelancers were no bargain after all. That’s not to say that freelancers aren’t the way to go but do not be swayed by price offers alone. It has become clear that mobile application development is one of the areas where you do receive what you pay for.

How to Choose Your Potential iPhone Developer

When meeting with your potential iPhone app developer, there are a number of qualities that you ought to look for (as with any contractor). Do they have the competence? Do they understand your vision? Do they fit into your budget? This list goes one, in addition to those:

  • You will need a few samples of their previous work. Ask for two or three iPhone apps that this developer has created.
  • Ask yourself if you are you impressed by the app samples provided by the developer.
  • Ask yourself if these applications mirror the quality of the product you’re looking for.

Think of your iPhone app developer as a partner of sorts, does this developer have what it takes to get you where you want to go at your budget? Will they support you after the project is live?Ask for a couple references and speak with a couple of their previous clients. Make sure to ask about intangibles as well as the obvious questions. Do they communicate well? Were they easy to work with?

A good relationship with a quality iPhone app developer can more than pay for itself if you are serious about developing mobile applications.

SteerClear of Beginner Divers

Of course, you do not want to be a person’s first mobile app project. Even though they will offer very friendly rates, your final product is likely to be nowhere near your expectations. All seasoned iPhone developers agree that when it comes to iPhone app development experience is extremely crucial.

Additional Credentials to Look For

Aside from experience, skill, communication, passion and attitude are essential indicators of a candidate’s capabilities. You should be able to discuss the project with your developer in a meaningful manner. You should also be provided with updates during the project. Never underestimate the value of effective communication on any project. It is an important prerequisite of getting the things done in the right manner.

iPhone Development Companies can be the Best Bet

Finally, look for iPhone app development companies that have experienced graphic designers and art directors. Design is a key feature with mobile applications and should not be overlooked. Once the project has been completed, make sure the developers will have it thoroughly reviewed by a quality assurance team.iPhone application development companies have full teams that can guide you from start to finish with integrated times working together to bring your project to life. Integrated full cycle development offers many benefits.

A Passion for Their Craft

Experts lay emphasis on the importance of engaging the services of someone who is genuinely fascinated by iPhone apps rather than just choosing a developer based on price. Generally, you can get an idea of their commitment by reviewing their work. Look for a developer that not only has the skill to bring your application to fruition but the developer that truly loves what they are doing.

The Development Process

After you have chosen your developer and started the process make sure that you don’t let the excitement of the process get to you. Don’t let yourself feel rushed, you have chosen your developer now work with them to bring a quality application to market. Rushed apps can have quality issues – in the long run spending a little more time to make sure your application is right will pay huge dividends.

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Diwiyne Johnson has worked for Vanity Point – a Mobile App Design and Development Company, for the last seven years. In her free time, she likes to play chess with her friends.

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1 Comment

  1. Ashmi

    June 2, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    Informative article for those who want to develop iPhone apps. Keep it up, thanks for sharing.

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