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A Handy Tool for File Conversion: Movavi Video Converter

Today we will tell you all about Movavi Video Converter – a really convenient piece of software that will get in handy whenever you need to change the file format or compress a heavyweight video.

Despite its name, this video converter deals with audio and graphics as well, plus it has a built-in editor where you can enhance the quality of your files. Its interface is incredibly simple, so you’ll figure everything out in no time.

First, drag all the files to the program – or you can mechanize this process. Just choose a folder and the files in it will be converted automatically with the parameters that you’ve chosen. The converter will be minimized to the system tray to decrease the CPU load.

When you upload your files to the program you may see an alert, that their volume is too low. This is automatic volume level assessment function that finds such files and suggests adjusting them. If you click on this warning and choose to boost the volume, the Audio Adjustments tab will open where you can normalize the volume and remove background noise.

Feel free to investigate other tabs of the built-in editor. You can reduce camera shake in Stabilization and tweak brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation in Adjustments. There are also tools for deleting digital noise and improving the picture quality automatically. The converter also provides such options as adding and syncing subtitles, applying watermarks, cropping, rotating and trimming. Besides, the trimming tool is really precise – you can mark the beginning and the end of the fragment and get rid of all unnecessary parts.

Now, let’s get back to the conversion process. The converter works successfully with all video, audio, and graphics formats. This means that you can convert between any two formats you choose: MKV, MPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4; MP3, WAV, FLAC; JPEG, GIF, PNG, and many others. Alternatively, there are optimized conversion profiles for various smartphones, tablets, TV sets, and other portable devices.

Movavi Video Converter is claimed to be the fastest video converter ever and here are the reasons why:

  • it uses Intel hardware acceleration
  • it supports NVIDIA GPU
  • it reduces conversion time with the help of SuperSpeed mode

The two first points are quite clear, but the last one doesn’t make much sense. What is SuperSpeed mode?

The answer is simple. The SuperSpeed mode is the conversion method called remuxing – file processing without re-encoding and affecting the file quality. That is, if you don’t change the input codec, the program only changes the container format of the file. That’s why it takes as much time as copying files from one folder to another.

Overall, Movavi Video Converter has it all to be a great converter: flexible settings, high speed of conversion and high-quality result. It can become an irreplaceable tool on your PC or Mac if you frequently convert a big number of files.

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