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Great Office-Wear Tips for Men

We have finally entered the golden era of workplace attire for men. A number of offices have become very flexible when it comes to office wear.

We have finally entered the golden era of workplace attire for men. A number of offices have become very flexible when it comes to office wear. Yes, it is true that the rule of wearing a black suit, tie and shirt every day may not apply nowadays, but it doesn’t mean that you become lazy with your choices. So, what should you do? Here are some great office-wear tips that all men can follow to look put together and confident at the office:

Make the smart choice

These days, most offices don’t make it compulsory for men to wear a suit, shirt and tie, but sometimes, if you go the extra mile, it shows that you really do mean business. Nothing can make you feel empowered like donning a bespoke and great looking suit. You will feel more refined and appear six inches taller. A suit can help you in looking classy and you can look sophisticated and yet still stay comfortable.

Go for the classic and simple

Single breasted suits have remained a wardrobe staple of movie stars, politicians and business leaders and all for good reason; they always look spectacular. You can add personality and interest in a number of ways through the use of patterns and colors, but you should only opt for one. You should wear a simple suit with a brightly colored shirt while a plainer tie and shirt will look good with a check or pinstripe suit. There are various patterns and colors available in ties as shown here and make your choice accordingly.

Look for smart separates

If you want the sharpness of a suit, but want a more relaxed look, you can simply pair a jacket with your casual clothes. This is a versatile way of pulling off a suit. You can simply combine a smarter jacket with a more casual pair of shirt and chinos. There is no need for you to wear a tie if you want to go for the casual wear and smart look. Another great way of dressing down the suit look is to wear a roll neck jumper or a fitted crew neck t-shirt. This helps you in maintaining the professional look while adding an element of informality.

Create casual workwear

If your office has a more relaxed environment when it comes to dressing, then wearing a suit will make you stand out and not in a good way. You might appear as someone who is trying too hard. But, this doesn’t mean that you can wear an old t-shirt and joggers to work. There are some wonderful casual trousers such as chinos that you can wear with a patterned shirt and jacket to look elegant and stylish. However, you should bear in mind that opting for too many patterns and colors can also be a bit overpowering. Therefore, it is best if you opt for just a single patterned piece and combine it with a neutral tone to complete your look.

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