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The Great Innovation Brought about by the Use of ‎Attendance Management Software

The typical mental imageries that usually come to mind whenever traditional attendance management system in the workplace is discussed are those of the time clocks, Bundy clocks, and timesheets. The reason for this is that for a very long period in the history of the workplace, these attendance management tools had served their purposes of managing and monitoring work hours of employees and workers. However, with the advent of the computer age and the proliferation of employee attendance software, the time clocks Bundy clocks, and timesheets became things of the past.

Technological innovations have steadily crept into workplaces around the world, and now, it is not unusual to see in the office attendance monitoring system that is software-based and is already integrated into the business management database. These software-based attendance management tools can automatically collate attendance data that permit cross-linking between performance and attendance. These attendance-monitoring software programs likewise are not only used in workplaces but can also be used in any educational campus and any organization that necessitates precise data on attendance.

The Importance of Software-based Attendance Monitoring Device

Time and attendance are critical to the success and failure of an organization. Huge business organizations, for example, have to monitor and track the time of the starts and ends of works of their employees. Likewise, they should also track the departments where the employees work and how the employees perform their works. They also have to track the breaks and meals of every employee up to the smallest details to ensure compliance to work hours. Additionally, they have to keep track of the vacation leaves, compensation time, overtimes, and other necessarily details pertinent to the employees’ working time.

If you are going to do all these tracking manually, you would usually fail to keep track of all the necessarily details, and this task would definitely be a herculean task. The job of tracking attendance even becomes more complicated if the company constitutes thousands of employees all working simultaneously. Confusion, complaints, and other issues may ensue from the employees if there are errors in the attendance tracking devices. In fact, in manual processes used before, the attendance tracking systems were always the major sources of dissatisfactions among employees.

With the onset however of the use of attendance management software, some of the common problematic issues regarding attendance have been immediately resolved. Moreover, employers immediately gain full control of the monitoring process of their employees’ attendance and working hours. With a precise and reliable system, overpayments and underpayments of employees are quickly eliminated. Transcription errors likewise are eliminated, and intentional errors are done away with. Furthermore, manual processes and the need for staff that would monitor and perform manual calculations of working hours became a thing of the past. Additionally, attendance disputes become minimal and the Bundy clock and the burdensome long queues in front of the Bundy clock were casually done away with.

The Advantages of Highly-automated Tracking of Attendance

Some attendance tracking devices use barcode badges, electronic tags, biometrics, and magnetic stripe cards in place of the old system of timesheets and time clocks. With this highly automated attendance tracking system, the recorded data is automatically conveyed to the central processing unit or database of the organization for storage and updating in real-time, making the process of attendance tracking seamless, smooth, and precise up to the minutest details.

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