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Great Finance Apps for Your Phone

If you have upcoming expenses and want to make sure they are paid promptly, consider downloading the best finance apps to your iPhone or Android. Finding budgeting apps is no small task as some are more useful than others. To keep your finances in check this year, take a look at the following apps here:


This is one of the best finance apps that is easy to use and convenient. All you need to do is connect the app to your bank account and create a personalised budget. You’ll get notifications of any unusual transactions that take place in your bank account as well as tips on how to control your spending. This app also includes details of your credit score so you can view your budget through an iPhone, Android, or iPad.

Phone insurance apps

Although many insurers offer their own personalised mobile phone insurance apps, it is still better to get quotes from multiple companies. You don’t need to browse through a hundred different apps to find the right one. Simply choose the product type on a comparison website and obtain quotes instantly.


Digit is a new app that scans your earnings and expenses in order to create a profile. It automatically moves the leftover sums of money from your current account to your Digit savings account. You will receive regular reminders via text, showing your account balances and details of withdrawals from your Digit account. This app helps you control your spending and encourages you to save money.

Level Money

This mobile money app acts as a personal finance adviser that tells you how much you can spend. It analyses your outgoings before deciding on how much you can actually spend each day. Whenever you buy something, this amount gets updated in real-time. Level Money is a perfect app to use for putting away a bit of cash every month by creating an automated profile that tells you how much you are allowed to spend.

Prosper Daily

The final app we would like to mention is called Prosper Daily. This personal finance service tracks your spending and protects your credit and debit cards from fraud. It allows you to view your balances across all your cards and send you alerts if a suspicious or unusual charge is posted to your account. This useful app helps you recover your money, whenever unfair charges or fraudulent activities take place in your account. If you have entered your credit card details on an unsecured website, this app will send you data-breach alerts right away. Prosper Daily is a highly useful app that’s compatible with Android and iPhone.

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