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The Great Benefits Derivable from Virtual Network Function

In the scientific field, the results of an experiment is more credible if there is more control in the collection of data and data analysis. The more precise the collation of data, the more credible the experiment is. Similarly, in the social sciences, the more precise and mathematical the data collated in a study, the more credible the social experiment is. This truth does not only apply to scientific and social sciences’ experiments and studies. Even in the business field, a mobile service provider, for example, will be in a better position to address the specific needs of its subscribers if it has the data analytics on how each of its subscribers utilizes his/her data plan.

In the previous years, there were no specific technology that can readily collate and provide these mine of data to mobile service providers. Hence, the solutions that were usually provided by mobile service providers to their subscribers were usually patched-up solutions that were not really significantly appropriate and relevant to the needs of their subscribers. Nowadays, however, with the availability of managed network solution providers, mobile service providers are enabled to mine data and to come up with data analytics that really reflect how subscribers utilize their data plans. Hence, the solutions provided by mobile service providers are now relevant and appropriate to the needs of their clients, for the more they understand the needs and the behavior of each of their specific subscribers, the more they can address the needs and concerns of each of their subscribers.

Another great area of concern and difficulty for mobile service providers lies in the area on how to integrate hardware and software platforms. Some hardware, for example, of telecom service providers have been there even before the newer software that are available now have been created. This integration concern posits a complex problem to mobile service providers who want to innovate and make use of new software.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) definitely provides a major solution to this problematic dilemma of mobile service providers. NFV makes it possible for network providers to continuously utilize their existing hardware even if newer software are already incorporated into their network systems. NFV not only makes this integration possible, but it also makes it possible for telecom network providers to integrate new software while saving on the integration process and the operational costs of their systems. With NFV at hand, network functions are virtualized; moreover, operations are immediately centralized with these virtualization process of the network functions.

This virtualization and centralization process of the network functions also engenders new problems that necessitate new solutions. The need, for example, for greater application awareness becomes more expedient, especially, in the area of coordination between the control plane and data plane. Hence, most mobile service providers see the need to avail of the services of managed network service providers. These managed network service providers enable mobile network providers to have perfect control of their service deliveries and to monitor application performance in real time. Lastly, in terms of real-time decision-making process that most telecom network service providers need, these managed network service providers furnish mobile service providers with the needed intelligence and data analytics that are beneficial to mobile providers when it comes to real-time decision-making process.


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