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The Great American Eclipse– It’s Boom Time for the Tourism Industry

The population in 12 American States from Oregon to the Carolinas (North and South) is bubbling with excitement at the prospect of witnessing the rare event of total solar eclipse. They are counting days and making all preparations of looking up at the sky from the early morning of 21st August 2017, the day of the event. Of the total count of the population of the states of  Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wyoming about 12 million will come from the path of totality, the band of complete shadow.  There is room for an equal number of people or even more who could join the fortunate ones to witness the event. This has opened huge possibilities of business that has been discussed in this article.

The rarity of the event

It would be a misnomer to say that solar eclipses happen rarely. On the contrary, it happens almost two times a year when the moon covers the sun with its shadow. What is rare is that the total solar eclipse that will take place this year and can be viewed in all its glory by a large population from the American soil. The eclipse will cover the entire continental belt of US and this is truly a rare occurrence and rightly named as the great American eclipse.

High-tide in tourism

The event has provided enough momentum to the tourism industry that is all set to reap rich benefits. Hotels across the shadow belt are having a hard time to accommodate guests who are making a beeline for the event. Clarksville, Nashville, and Kentucky have become tourist hot spots for the event by virtue of falling directly under the path of shadow. The attraction of Nashville is due to the fact that it would be completely dark for 2 minutes when the eclipse is at its height.  This piece of information has set the coffers ringing for those associated with the tourism sector. The hotels in this largest city under the belt of totality are brimming with bookings done for the night before the day of the eclipse.

Special viewing arrangements

Nashville is really gearing up for the event. Special arrangements are being made at various parks like Cedar Hill Park, Fort Negley, Bells Bend, Beaman Park, ShelbeyBottoms and Peeler Park for viewing the eclipse in a comfortable and pleasing environment.  The Nashville Zoo, Bicentennial Mall, Adventure Science Center and First Tennessee Park are also earmarked for similar events. From what is being talked about, it seems that it is going to be Carnival time at these places during the eclipse.

Clarksville will be totally dark for about 2 minutes 18 seconds during the eclipse and this slot is big enough to make tourists flock to this place to witness the event. Bus operators, hotels, guides are pulling up the socks to make it the most memorable experience for
the tourists.

Tourists have very high expectations about their stay at these places and the hosts are equally excited to justify their skills in superior hospitality.

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