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Grace and Passion on the Parquet – The World of Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a special sport that combines the extraordinary beauty of movements, the emotions of dancers, and heavy physical exertion. Behind the competitions and victories are many hours of training, which develop a strong character, perfect technique, and unique style. Becoming a real dancer means dedicating your whole life to dance, as Sofia Iudina, a dancer and choreographer who has won many international competitions, has done.

One of the most talented sportswomen, Sofia Iudina, has been fascinated by dancing almost from childhood. At the age of 7, the girl came to the dance school to try her hand, and with time, she realized that it was not just a child’s hobby, but a genuine vocation. Each dance is unique – it allows you to express yourself and your feelings and emotions, show with body movements all that is hidden inside the dancer, and tell a story on the parquet. It could be a story of passion in the tango, aristocracy in the waltz, or the energy of the Latin American program.

In each direction of dance, you can be yourself, and every time, you are new.

Becoming a professional dancer requires perseverance, constant training, and strong character. Sofia Iudina, being a teenager, realized that it was necessary to make a decision – to develop in this beautiful sport as a professional or to dance for herself as a hobby. That’s why, together with Sofia’s family, it was decided to switch to independent training in the 7th grade and devote all her free time to the world of dance.

The fruits of success did not wait long. Sofia Iudina’s career began to proliferate uphill, and valuable medals replenished the collection of the talented dancer.

Today, Sofia Iudina is a member of the Moscow Dance Union, Russian Dance Union, Ukrainian Dance Union, Judge of the Moscow Dance Union, and International class dancer. Only for the last few years, Sofia Iudina participated with her partner Bohdan Dovhalov in such competitions as the Open to the World Dance Festival WDC Crystal Ball in St. Petersburg, WDC AL Open World Championship, and Dutch Open Championship in the Netherlands, Kyiv Open Championship in Ukraine, United States National Ballroom Dance Championships, The American Open Dance Championships and New York Dance Festival in the USA.

Sofia Iudina continues to perform at the most prestigious international competitions and trains children and adults: the dancer has experience working as a teacher at Moscow Longevity, where Sofia Iudina worked with older adults and gave them happiness and joy through dance.

Sofia Iudina constantly trains and overcomes herself to achieve such heights. Ballroom dancing is an injury-prone sport, and like most professional athletes, Sofia has had injuries during her dancing career. Sofia took breaks to recover but always returned to the parquet – no challenge could break her.

Dancers constantly overcome pain and fatigue, improve their technique and skills, and grow physically and spiritually to achieve high results. Dancers are physically strong and must have a solid and resilient character to avoid straying from the intended path.

In addition, with the emergence of show programs in ballroom dancing and their mass development, dancers must be able to experiment with movements, putting on the floor an actual performance.

Sofia Iudina admits that show numbers deserve special attention. Here, more emotion is necessary to find a balance between technical performance and artistic expression.

The freedom to mix styles is allowed in the show numbers, but it is unexpected. Each number is an opportunity to stand out among the other dancers; it is a real challenge through which you can show the dance production’s passion, inspiration, and grace.

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