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Google’s RankBrain Algorithm – How It Affects Your SEO

Google recently rolled up the RankBrain update to monitor search engines with a powerful artificial intelligence support. This will help Google improve their search results wherever required and develop the core functioning of their search algorithm. RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system which will provide improved results.

What is RankBrain and Machine Learning?

RankBrain is a name given for machine learning artificial intelligence. Machine learning point towards a computer training itself how to do a thing rather than waiting for inputs or programming from human beings. RankBrain uses the mathematical processes to understand how and why people make more searches and apply the conclusion in the future search results. It uses artificial intelligence which upgrades the computer to function itself instead of relying on a human for operation.

How does RankBrain work?

The key aim of Google is to deliver the accurate results to users depending on their keywords search. May be users didn’t use the right keyword and in fact, most of them does not even do that, but Google’s focus is to provide them the exact results based on their search and this is what Google calls ‘SEO’. And the latest meaning of SEO is not targeting keywords but focusing on user optimization. Most of the times the user does not know which keywords he should use to find his query and this are what RankBrain is built for. RankBrain, using the artificial intelligence with machine learning technology, automatically understands the keywords, languages and words and identify them much better than human beings. RankBrain understands the unusual terms from the search query and then automatically filters it by separating the irrelevant results. Google applied this technology not to affect your SEO practices but if you are applying the right SEO tactics then the RankBrain algorithm bring you any penalty.

How RankBrain helps Google improve search results

Handling the complex searches

Out of 3 billion search queries, only 15% queries are done with long-tail keywords. Such queries are never seen before and hence, RankBrain’s artificial intelligence is developed to enhance such searches and translate those queries to find the most relevant and accurate results.

RankBrain also analyzes the most ambiguous searches to bring some logic to such multi-word queries and responds intelligently based on its understanding from those keywords.

Provides high accuracy

RankBrain aims to deliver results from more than what you expect. It filters the results from the core level to maintain accuracy till the first page. RankBrain is a highly developed algorithm update which is even powerful than Google’s previous algorithms.

Most people have the misconception that Google RankBrain has replaced the Hummingbird update, but it is not so. RankBrain is built in order to make search improved and it is one of the hundreds of signals, says Bloomberg. Now you must be wondering how you would find RankBrain in your search results and the fact is, you probably got it.

Similarly, we have tried searching with the following keyword, “Where can I find content writing services in Guwahati?”, and the RankBrain results are already seen taking effect.

RankBrain simplifies your search, however, lengthy queries you make.

Is RankBrain a Signal?

Yes, RankBrain is the third most important signal that refines your search with the most relevant results and filters the complexity. Signals are used to determine the ranking of web pages depending on its content and formatting. There are 200 major signal rankings which are estimated, which probably has up to 10,000 variations or sub-signals.

RankBRain is built to determine the meaning of search queries and their specific terms. For example, if you have typed ‘lamp’ then Google will understand the term similar to ‘table light’ or ‘table lamp’ or anything else relevant to the term. This makes search more specific rather than delivering results without understanding the meaning of the word.

What is Knowledge Graph and how RankBrain helped improve it?

Knowledge Graph was launched by Google in 2012. Knowledge Graph is developed in order to understand the facts about people’s lives, places, and things and learn how all those bodies are connected. Google has launched this service not just to provide web page links but to deliver information directly for what you are looking for. RankBrain is also been applied to improve the Knowledge Search and we also tried this to see whether it is accurate or not. So we tried looking for information for the following terms, “When was the iron man of India-born?”, and you can’t expect the answer we found.

Google RankBrain could easily trace who is the Iron man of India and provided the exact information on the search page.

When did RankBrain initialize?

Google introduced RankBrain in early 2015 and it silently rolled out globally since a few months ago. A large fraction of queries are being handled by RankBrain but Google did not provide the specific figure about it.

RankBrain is not used for any ranking method in the search engine, but it helps refine search results in an improved way. Google confirmed that RankBrain is the third most important signal because ultimately it also chooses whether to rank and list a web page in search results or not.

If you want to learn more about Artificial intelligence and the Machine learning technology applied in RankBrain then Google has provided a detailed paper on it and you can find it here

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Nevil Patel is a tech blogger and founder of Techno Nutty. He loves to explore and write about SEO, Android and iOS Apps and Softwares and Programming.

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