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Google Updates: Most Popular Android Apps of 2017

With over million Android users the Google Play Store enjoys many downloads every day, of which most of them are of Android games apps.

If you have been watching your best mates indulge deeply in their smartphones, wondering what they have been doing. They must be playing some most famous or using the trendiest apps. Let’s check out the list as per Google updates for the best Android apps.

What The Forecast?!!

A perfect blend of humor with appropriate information of weather forecasting is what the app highlights. What The Forecast offers funny amusing quips along with a right forecast of the weather. It has more than 6600 phrases to describe and comment on each weather type. The phrases go perfectly with the forecast that makes the app more interesting and captivating.


For 90’s kids who used to spend most of their time enjoying cartoons, this is the most interesting app to download. That program will bring back your childhood memories of watching your favorite Popeye, Tom and Jerry, and the ghost chasing episodes of Scooby-Doo. All those oldies, which now have little or no broadcasting on channels, are available on Boomerang. You can stream every episode at only $4.99.

TopBuzz Video

For those who wanted to keep themselves updated with every juicy news about celebs, technology, and political updates, this is the perfect app to have. TopBuzz will feed you up with the trendiest topics of diverse industries. The curate of content is quite easy to find with most compelling pictures and videos to add credibility to the news. The news source is authentic and you will receive timely updates aut0omatically. Winning an average of 4.8 out of 5 as per the Google Pay store updates, the app is making a huge profit and is winning the hearts of millions of users.


With the release of the app, it gained much fame as users find it interesting and compelling. Yarn is a reading apps it provides stories of different genres from horror to comedy to romance. The uniqueness of the apps is that it offers stories in a form of small text messages. The suspense builds up as each message pops up. The paid writers find true stories and compose stories adding enticing aspects to increase the readability.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

The Android game has received many rewards and titles in the year 2017. From achieving the award of “best pick 2017” to becoming the trendiest game on Google Play Store, it succeeded in entertaining thousands of users. You have to create machines to compete with the creation of other users. There will be battles in each stage of the game and you have to win hem in order to make your invention the best one. The game has unique graphics and adorable cats to entice users. The app has received around 4.6 stars in Google ratings.

To Wrap Up

Experts at android application development company in the UK are involved in creating even more compelling apps for Android users. It is believed that the platform will show great advancements I the coming year. So to all those dedicated users keep yourself updated.

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