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Google Plus vs. Facebook: Take Your Pluses

No doubt, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. But time flows – more and more social networks aim to become the number one among others. It is all about the same: friends, groups, news, etc. To stand out new social network has to find interesting unusual feature and satisfy demand of specific audience. In order to create a social media leader Google launched Google Plus in 2011. And year later it has about 400 million users, when Facebook (launched in 2004) has more than billion users for today. So, let’s figure out why many people move out Facebook to Google Plus.


Distinctive feature of Google Plus is its Circles. Unlike other social networks, including Facebook, Google Plus don’t force you call each your contact “Friend”, you are free to create the own circle of people sorted by interests, like “Family”, “Business Partners”, “Interesting posts”, etc.


Google Plus gives you more opportunities for sharing information between users. For example, individual wall posts are limited to 420 characters in Facebook. Google Plus expands boundaries of your interests. Your wall is like in the Facebook. But if you want to see information you are interested in for current moment you can filter posts. Like if you want to talk about your work and see some related news you can use “Streams” and read sorted information not the miss-mash like in Facebook.


This is one new tool for your convenience. If you want to talk to your friends or business partners, you can easy use your microphone, web cam and join real-time chatting. Many people stay for hours in Google Plus to hang out with friends or business partners.

Google Ranking

Even if you have lack of SEO skills, you can benefit from your account in Google Plus. This feature can be very useful for bloggers. Google policy aims to make posts more protected against copying and streaming not unique content over Internet. There are more and more posts in the network that attached to profile of its writer in Google +. When you are searching in Google you see photo of its author next to the link.

Should we compare Google Plus and Facebook? Google Plus is new network similar to all the previous ones with its advantages. The popularity of Google Plus is growing and anyway you’ll benefit from it. If you totally satisfied by Facebook, stay with it. Just remember that Google Plus gives more benefits to bloggers, CEOs, Corporate websites (you can create the page of your company), people who enjoy face-to-face chatting and those who prefer to get sorted information. This is not about the “Friends” only, this is about you, your life, your interests.

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Andrew Smith is a PR Manager at QArea Company, writer, blouger, journalist. He write about software technologies, marketing, news, etc. QArea is Software Development Outsourcing Company.

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