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Google Goes One Step Further With Instant Live Search Results

Google has launched a new product called Google Instant, that will speed up its Internet search engine. Google Instant displays search results as soon as a user types in a query on the search engine. It goes a step further than simply suggesting search terms to users to actually revealing results before the “Enter” key is pressed or “Search” button is clicked.

With an estimate of around 9 seconds entering a query and 15 seconds looking for answers, Google expects that the new Instant search functionality will save users time when conducting searches on the Website. It predicts that Google Instant could save between 2 and 5 seconds off a typical Web search. It is not yet known how Bing, Yahoo and other search engines will react to this development but while some users may be put off by the fact that Google will be showing links to pages there are not interested in until they type in enough words, Google Instant might actually be good for Webmasters as it may increase the chances of more results being displayed on the search engine per query.

The service has already been rolled out in the US but is not expected to be fully operational in UK, Spain, Germany, France and Russia until next week. Users of mobile devices can also expect to be able to use Google Instant search technology by autumn of this year.

Watch video demonstration of Google Instant:

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Do you see Google Instant becoming a game changer for how search engine optimisation is carried out and would you prefer instant predictions and results of what query you are likely to make to the old fashioned Google search?

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