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Google Autocomplete: Another Tool For Your SEO Toolkit

All the SEO efforts in the world will not help you if customers search for a different phrase than the one you are optimising for. Many marketers have been left puzzled by a drop in their search volume, but they don’t know the true reason. One possible reason is that people just haven’t finished typing that phrase before Google Autocomplete suggests something that they accept, thus bypassing your preferred keyword phrase.

google autocomplete

A smart marketer can take advantage of Google Autocomplete to make a great impression on potential readers, whether you’re an independent businessperson or a business. Controlling what people search for helps you direct them to relevant pages, after all. Here are some tips to use Autocomplete to its full potential.

Know what you need to avoid

When you search for your company name or personal name in Google, what pops up before you press enter? You aren’t alone if you see something like “scam” or “complaints” pop up. Many people search these terms to make sure your company is legitimate. For a personal name, words like “divorce” or “worst CEO” might appear. These negative terms are what you want to push out of the Autocomplete suggestions and replace with something more positive.

Know what you want to appear

Now that you know what you need to replace, look at what you want to appear. Some positive terms might include “Facebook” and “Twitter” as people search for your social media profiles, “bio” and “salary” as they look at how famous you are, or “email” if they want to get in touch with you. If you’re looking to appear high-status and powerful, get these terms to appear in Autocomplete and people will associate you with high-status names. A company such as SEO Works can identify positive terms that should be associated with your company.

Influence the important factors

Autocomplete suggestions are taken from search volume, social media mentions, and content in other places online besides social media. You obviously can’t get a thousand people searching for the same phrase at once very easily, but you can influence the last two more easily. Open social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, include relevant keywords, and sign on regularly. Make it known that you have social media accounts and people will search for your accounts.

Creatively publish content

Search Engine Optimisation services are a great investment, especially if you have little awareness about the types of creative publishing that can positively influence your reputation online. Starting with Web 2.0 sites and profile websites is great, as you can control the kind of information that is released next to your name and get people searching for the terms of your choice.

If you want to rank well online, you should attempt to use Autocomplete to your best advantage. Optimising your website for your company name won’t do any good if everyone skips over the name to find that Autocomplete entry about your company name plus the word “scam” or another negative word. People naturally finish these searches out of curiosity, so make sure they don’t get misdirected and put your SEO efforts to waste.

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Daniel Hicks is an SEO specialist who enjoys sharing his insights on the industry through blogging. For more information visit the SEO Works.



  1. harshi

    July 20, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    publishsing content creativly is really important for a cause of time ! actually mandatory !

  2. Rohit

    July 21, 2013 at 1:17 am

    its a best tool to check the search trend and optimize your log according to these search trends. 🙂

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