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Going Deep: Top 5 Fishing Must-Haves Every Angler Should Have

Fishing has always been a fun and therapeutic activity for many fishing aficionados. But it’s more fun especially if you have the exact equipment with you. And since it’s a physically-taxing activity, people came out with a way to upgrade some equipment required for fishing.

Before embarking on a fishing activity make sure that your equipment is in excellent condition so that you won’t be having any problem once you start fishing. There are a lot of gadgets that have been invented to help anglers catch more and upgrade their fishing experience.

Here is a list of the top 5 fishing must-haves every angler should have.

Wilderness System Ride 115

A boat is a must for every fishing aficionados who like to catch big and rare fish species. Also, it is a means of transportation to navigate and chart different fishing areas. For example, the Wilderness System Ride 115 acts as a boat but is known to be a kayak. Such rides can be a big help especially to those anglers who plan to stay longer in the water.

The exact measurement of this kayak is 12 feet and weighs 79 pounds. It has a dual-seat design which makes it unique. Because of the way the seat was designed, riding in this kayak will surely give you comfort while waiting for a fish to bite your bait. You can also adjust the captain’s chair for your comfortability.

Humminbird Helix 5 SI GPS FishFinder

This device is used by anglers to make their fishing activity more comfortable. This fishfinder uses a screen that is big enough for anglers to use even in broad daylight. Some might have difficulties reading results in their fish finders because of the sunlight but with it, reading for results won’t be a problem.

The anglers experience in using this device will be much more fun because of the accuracy of its GPS. It also has a side-by-side viewing sonar, down imaging, and side imaging. This device is capable of scanning depths up to 1,500 and also comes with MicroSD card slot for extra storage for maps.

Scheyden Precision Hybrid Sunglasses

The Scheyden Precision Hybrid Sunglasses is a useful gadget for anglers because of its features. This glasses can blur sunlight but can still be very clear on cloudy days. Looking over the water won’t be a problem because of the eight-layer polarization material it has. The goggles in this glasses use a hydrophobic coating which makes it water-blur resistant.

Intense glare can cause eye fatigue which can be a significant problem when going on fishing activity. Thus, using this glasses is advisable to protect your eyes. The Scheyden Precision Hybrid Sunglasses can be used for protection during your fishing escapade.

St. Croix Legend Xtreme

If you want to have a better fishing experience, then you should try the St. Croix Legend Xtreme rod. This rod is known to be lightweight which make it’s easy to carry. It’s grip also provides better accuracy compared to the generic rods.

The graphite material this rod has uses matte-scrim to ensure the durability of it.  Rods like these can be a handy tool when it comes to activities like fishing. Your fishing experience will be more fun because of this upgraded rod.

Cabela’s RealImage HDS Forked-Tail Baitfish Lure

When starting on your fishing activity, it’s important to have lures. This lure is considered to be a state of the art lure because of its appearance. The Cabela’s RealImage HDS Forked-Tail Baitfish Lure uses high definition series that makes a simple bait look realistic that some fish would think its alive.

This lure is weighted to go one to three feet below the surface. Its swimming pattern is so accurate which makes it look real. This lure can attract a large fish because of the high definition quality it has.


Before embarking on a fishing trip, make sure you’re equipped with the right tools and gears. If you want to know more about fishing equipment and techniques, you can try asking local anglers in your area. You can also research the web for reliable sources, or you can check Focus Fishing and other sites for more ideas.

Going on a fishing activity can be fun but tiring at the same time. Hence, bringing the right equipment can give you the satisfaction you’re aiming. Be prepared all the time and always choose fishing equipment that has high quality.

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