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Give Your Business a Competitive Edgewith SMS Marketing

You are probably aware there are numerous ways to grab the attention of your target audience.It is important for you to find a suitable one to engage such people. After all, these customers are going to buy the products or services you are offering you sell them. However, like most entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in the market, you don’t have unlimited resources at your disposal. You need to make use of a channel that gives you lucrative returns on your investment. It should also offer you tangible benefits for the money you spend. This is where SMS marketing comes into the picture.

Is it worthwhile to invest in SMS marketing?

You may be under the misconception you need to dig deep into your pockets to invest in mobile marketing. The relevant applications itself and infrastructure cost a fortune to buy. Moreover, there is no there is no guarantee you deliver personalize communications to your target audience. However, experts specializing in this field say this is far from the truth. They explain that it is far more easily to engage such customers on their smartphones than any other mode of advertising. This is why businesses of all sizes are making it a critical component of their overall marketing strategy. You should also be doing the same thing to achieve your objectives.

Seven key benefits of SMS marketing 

Such professionals go on to point out the followingseven important benefits of SMS marketing for your business:

1.      Relatively high open rate

This is probably the most important reason why SMS marketing is so popular. Research shows people response to text messages on their mobile phone almost 98% of the time. Being an entrepreneur, you cannot ignore this level of engagement you can have with your customers. This open rate percentage is higher than most conventional modes of advertisements including electronic mails (emails). After all, it is easy for email advertisements to find their way into spam folders for whatever reasons. After some time, most people delete them from their devices as irrelevant. However, they make it a point to read all their text messages including promotional ones.

2.      Reaching out to a wider audience

You can’t deny the impact of smartphones in today’s societies. In the last few decades, there has been a proliferation of such devices in the marketplace. This makes them within reach of most people. Your target audience falls under the same category. Making effective use of relevant SMS marketing strategies, you are in a position to send your message across to such individuals. No other advertisement mode gives you this level of engagement. With this type of exposure to your brand products or services, the chances of them making a purchase are very high.

3.      Cost-effective

You are aware that you don’t have to spend much to send a text message to one of your customers.You can even send the same communication to a large number of people at the same time.For this, you do not have to incur any extra cost. This makes it more affordable than many of the other marketing channels you can avail. Professionals from reliable websites like Simpletexting.comsay this is why SMS marketing is the first choice among top businesses. Even entrepreneurs operating state-up concerns are now joining the bandwagon. They can introduce their products or services to a large audience without making a big hole in their pocket.

4.      Mobile-friendly

You probably understand the need to use advertisement channels which are mobile-friendly. It has become a trend among people today to use such devices to browse for products they want to buy.Business owners whose brand products do not have this type of exposure eventually lose out in the market. You need to adopt an advertisement channel which compatible on all type of smartphones available in the market.Fortunately, SMS marketing falls under this category.

5.      Works in hand-in-hand with other modes of advertisement

SMS marketing is very versatile. You easily integrate it with other advertising channels to reach out to your target audience with your message. This includes various social media networking platforms which are now available on the internet. The results you get will be beyond your expectations.You probably notice of its effect on your bottom-line profits within a short time.This can prove to be a win-win situation for you.

6.      Environmentally-friendly

Like most people, you want to do your bit to reduce environmental pollution as far as possible. After all, you want to ensure this planet is safe for future generations to come. Making use of relevant SMS marketing strategies can help you achieve this objective. Unlike the traditional mode of advertisement, you do not have to spend money on paper for brochures, stamps, pamphlets and envelops. In the process, you will be preventing the cutting down on 40% of the world’s trees. This makes even more sense to opt for text marketing.

7.      Fast delivery

Sending a text message to your customers via SMS marketing hardly take much time. At the most, just a few seconds to press the relevant button on your mobile phone.Such people receive it instantly on their devices. You just need to think of what to tell them. After all your objective is to convince them to buy your products or services. Moreover, they are more likely to read such information than their emails. This means there is a high probability that many of them will respond to such messages.

The above seven advantages goes to show that mobile marketing is a necessity for your business. Its potential is comparable to advertisements on prominent social media networking channels on the internet. This allows you to reach out to a large audience when it comes to selling your products or services. Moreover, you do have to make a big hole in your pocket when making use of relevant SMS marketing strategies. This can give you the competitive edge over other businesses in the market. The effect of this will be visible on your bottom-line profits in the long-run. This is a fact which you cannot ignore at any cost.

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