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Getting the Most out of Your Trail Camera

As you certainly are very well aware, trail cameras are nothing new on the market. They have been present for decades now and are constantly being improved ever since they emerged. However, the majority of users fail to put them to best use and take advantage of everything they have to offer. If you ever were among them, it was high time you made an effort and learned how to make the most out of your trail camera and use it in its fullest capacity.

Regularly update

Cameras are software operated and in order to maintain the operation flawless the firmware needs to be regularly updated. Otherwise glitches, improper operation or even malfunction are sooner or later bound to appear. Updates, if regular, are pretty straightforward and easily completed. All you usually need to do is visit the manufacturer’s website, check it there are any firmware updates, download and install them. One thing is of crucial importance, make sure you complete the update; if you stop it before it is finished your camera may become useless.

Position and angle the camera properly

This seems like something that requires no explanation whatsoever. However, a large number of hunters do either angling or positioning, or both for that matter, in a way that limits camera’s full recording potential. When positioning is concerned, it needs to face north. That is the only way to completely avoid the sun glare which often triggers the camera without game being around. When angle is concerned, it needs to be positioned at a 45° angle to the trail. That will exponentially increase the trigger time and give a more detailed photo of the whole animal.

Combine time lapse and trail modes

Combining these two recording modes will provide the best overall picture of the situation in the area of interest. Time lapse provides the best wide angle recording of the area that is being monitored, capturing game movement over a wide area. Unfortunately, due to mentioned wide angle of recording it cannot focus on the animals themselves and they cannot be precisely identified from time lapse recordings. This is where the trail mode comes in and provides a better view of individual animals. Once again, the combination of these modes provides the best overall information.

Protect your camera from theft

There is nothing more disappointing than coming to the spot where you left your beloved and expensive camera hoping to see great shots of a promising game and instead find your camera gone. Although there are always odds that this could happen since there is no 100 percent protection, unless you plan to sleep next to the camera, there are ways of minimizing the chances of theft. The most effective one is to set a camera in less expected places. Avoid placing them next to feeders or near logging roads. Positioning them high in the trees is also productive and will certainly be harder to spot and reach.

Have a data processing and archival system

Quality trail cameras are there to take the best shots possible and provide you with useful information. Unfortunately, they cannot process the data or archive it on their own. The easiest way to do this is to take a netbook or a tablet with you when you check on the camera, copy the camera memory chip to the portable device and archive the data later. Since there will be a lot of photos, the most productive manner of archiving would be grouping them according to camera location, date of use and animal recorded.

Trail cameras are of great assistance when tracking down potential games and learning a lot about their movement and habits are concerned. Making the most of the features they offer significantly increases your chances of catching or hunting down a particular animal or groups of them. Make sure you follow these instructions to detail and you will be on the safe track for sure.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ryan Collins

    September 23, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Although most of the tips you shared here are known to intermediate trail camera users one particular tip about having an archival system and data processing got me interested. One thing also came in my mind is that always find the best pictures captured by the camera and who knows, we can even win a local or national wildlife photography contest.

    Trail cameras have surely made tracking down game way more easier than it was in the past.

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