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Get to Know the Rights and Duties of Students in Classroom

Rights are what every individual should possess as ownership at birth, and Duties are something that every individual should passionately undertake. Students pursuing educational programs have rights and duties too. Though the definitions of these two words are entirely different, the two intertwined in a student’s life intricately.

In today’s day and age, a student should be aware of the freedom given to them and the roles and tasks defined to them. Through this article, we in a small way strive to present the basic rights and duties of a student in a classroom, in a structured order.

Academic Rights

Some of the most basic rights that you as a student need to be aware while in a school or college are:

Right to Express freely

Being a student, you shall have every right to express your thoughts, share your opinions, be able to criticise constructively, write, print and share your beliefs on social media. The only criteria you should need to follow is that you must act respectably, comply with the academic policies, and does not interfere with the day-to-day university operations.

Right to be free from Discrimination and Harassment

No one should discriminate against you as a student because of your ethnicity, race, colour, nationality, age, creed, special needs, gender preference and so on. Denying any of these rights because of the discrimination will directly violate your right to education.

Right to Privacy in Student Records

The UK has consistently maintained student records. It agrees with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 and the guidelines for implementation. Only if a request is being put up, then the information about a student is released at the discretion of several UK departments. A student is eligible to avoid the release of such information if the student files a written request with the UK registrar.

Alternatively, a student has the absolute right to restrain from unreasonable searches and seizures of person and possessions while on UK property, except when the searches are being conducted as per federal laws.

Free Student Press Right

Student publications cannot be curtailed and are free to deal with issues and concerns that matter to the academy or institute responsibly. If you are an editor, you are empowered to editorial freedom and need not have prior approvals for a copy. You are protected against a violation or dismissal charge as per the UK laws.

Academic Duties

Always remember, being a student also carries a sense of heightened responsibility. You as a student need to step up to the challenge and fulfil these duties diligently.

Maintaining a high level of Personal conduct

As a student of a University or school, it is expected out of you to conduct yourself with grace and poise coupled with propriety. Please note that this conduct should not only be directed to only school and universities but also in public places.

Regularity in Attendance

Be it any college or school, maximum attendance is expected of you as a student. Irrespective of whether you are a part-time or full-time university attendee, you must ensure that you abide by the attendance policies set by the institute.

Following the procedure for Absence requests and notifications

In case a situation arises wherein you are unable to attend a class or a lecture, it is your moral responsibility to inform your tutor or instructor about the same immediately. For leaves that extend for more than a week, it is recommended that a brief note is written reasoning out the cause of your absence.

Ensuring that homework and assignments are completed and submitted

Every student must ensure that any and every kind of homework or assignment directed to them by the tutors must be completed. You should also take care that all the assignments get done within a stipulated timeframe.

In case of final year students who will soon graduate from college, assignment needs to be submitted to qualify for certification. In case of a student struggling to complete the assignment, the student can look forward to corporate law assignment help to complete the assignment.

Appearing for Examinations and assessment

You as a student should adhere to the schedule of the examination, prepare in time for it, and appear for the exam. To sit for exams, students need to follow the rules regarding admittance to the classroom, permitted and non-permitted items in the exam hall, use of calculators and dictionaries, student conduct, and consequences of cheating.

Standing up for your rights in academia will always be beneficial for your drive for studying in any institute. It will also give you a sense of heightened power and responsibility to not only fight for your rights but also standing up for others. Similarly, negligence of academic commitments may result in your termination from the University. Remember, be sure to always tread the fine line with confidence to achieve academic success.

Kristy Murphy is the outreach manager at GoAssignmentHelp, A site dedicated to providing high-quality assignments to students. She has more than 8 years of experience in writing. In her free time, she loves sharing travel experiences, so that it helps others when they travel.

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Kristy Murphy is the outreach manager at GoAssignmentHelp , A site dedicated to providing high quality assignments to students. She has more than 8 years of experience in writing. In her free time, she loves sharing travel experiences, so that it helps others when they travel.

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