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Get the Best Cloud Phone System for Your Business

Cloud phones are the current trend in the industry. We see employees talking about it and enterprises researching if it is a feasible option. Businesses that are already using the system swear that it is the best thing ever. Small scale enterprises want to know the cost advantages of the cloud phone system.

But what exactly is this? For those who are not wondering the same, let us start by understanding what a cloud phone is and how it is different from the regular landline telephones.

A cloud-based phone network is a telephone phone network connection that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to manage the incoming and outgoing telephone calls. In much simpler terms, the phone network is located on the cloud and uses an internet connection to make and receive calls instead of using the regular landline telephone network.

Every enterprise uses an internet connection. The phone network is also included and connected to the same network, allowing employees to route the calls through the internet.

How Does This Help?

The biggest question for any enterprise before investing in something new and different is to know about how the change is going to them with the business. The cloud-based phone network has a lot of advantages. But let us start with the most obvious ones.

If an enterprise is using a high-speed internet connection to connect to its business system on the cloud, the enterprise already has the required setup. By simply connecting the phone network and installing the calling apps, employees can use their mobile phones and laptops to make calls to anyone in any part of the world. And since the call is routed through the internet network, the enterprises will not have to pay the telephone bills. For enterprises that have a lot of overseas clients and customers, imagine the amount of money it would save on monthly telephone bills.

The best cloud phone system is stable, reliable, and efficient. By using the same service provider who is providing the internet connection, enterprises can be sure that the phone network is also maintained and managed by the service provider. The cloud-based phone system has many features that can be used to route, forward, and answer calls, have telephone conferences (voice and video), get data analytics, add multiple extensions, send and manage business SMS messages, voice mail, and many more.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone System

Easy Installation

There is no need to reroute using the wires. As the entire system is set up on the cloud, it hardly takes any time. The office area doesn’t have to be disturbed, and the employees can continue working while the phone system is being installed.

Saves Time

The traditional phone system requires maintenance. The physical telephone units have to be cleaned, the wires should not be tangled, and so on. The devices have to replaced or repaired when they staring causing trouble.

Saves Money

As we mentioned earlier, enterprises with high-speed internet connectivity do not have to spend much money on the installation. Though normal telephones cannot be used to make internet calls and VoIP phones should be purchased, employees can use their personal devices to make calls. Since the calls will be routed through the app, the employee’s phone number will be kept secure.

Multiple Numbers in One Device

Employees can use different phone numbers on the same device or use the laptop to make calls. By having separate numbers for professional and personal uses, employees can streamline and organize their work.

Remote Access

The best part about using a cloud-based phone network is the ability to use the network from any location. Employees do not have to sit at the desk to make calls. They can do it while traveling, when at home, or at a vacation.

But, what if enterprises do not have a high-speed internet connection? What if enterprises are not using a fiber optics network for their business? In that instance, the cost of investing in the best cloud phone system would be high as the service provider has to start by installing the entire system and changing the cables.

That said, most enterprises today are already using fiber optics cable and Gigabit Ethernet for network connectivity and cloud computing. It is the safest and fastest internet connection available in today’s market. So, enterprises can upgrade their entire internet connection along with the cloud-based phone network. It would be a major overhaul but will result in long term benefits for the enterprises.

Enterprises should enquire about the various features offered by the service provider before finalizing a deal with a company. Make sure there are no hidden costs and the company provides 24*7 technical assistance to manage the network.

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