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Four Tips to Help You Purchase the Best Pair of Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Are you in need of new ballroom dancing shoes? Do you know what traits to look for in a pair of ballroom dancing shoes? For most professional dancers, dancing has been their thing since they were little; hence, their parents or guardians made purchases. But even as the guardians were buying them dancing shoes, they had certain factors in mind. Is this your first time purchasing dancing shoes with zero help from your parent or guardian? If so, you might feel a whirl of emotions since you may feel like you need a pretty pair of shoes or any shoe that catches your eye and is cheap. However, when it comes to dancing, you need more than just a cute pair of ballroom dancing shoes; you need to reflect on a list of other crucial factors. Yes, pretty ballroom dancing shoes are a must to elevate your entire look and boost your confidence, but have you considered the following;

The Shoe Size

This goes without saying since, while making a shoe purchase, it is evident that you should get shoes that are your size. Getting small or more significant shoes than your actual size will lead to discomfort all through your dancing sessions, thus making them unenjoyable and reducing your overall dance performance. If you are buying ballroom dancing shoes online, for instance, the Veryfine Dance Shoes, you should be super keen on the sizing chart to avoid entering inaccurate data about your shoe size.

The Heel Size

All ballroom dancing shoes have a heel, so whether you are a lady ballroom dancer or a male ballroom dancer, heels are inevitable. For the ladies, heels are usually between one and a half inches to three inches, while the men’s shoes are generally up to half an inch. If you are not a fan of heels or you’ve never gotten used to walking in them, let alone dancing in them, it would be best to opt for a shorter heel for a start. Then with time, you can increase your heel size if you are comfortable.

The price

Once you have found a pair of shoes you like, look at the price. Are they affordable, or are they way too out of your budget? Avoid buying cheap shoes since they are most likely of poor quality and at the same time, remember that expensive shoes only sometimes mean that they are of high quality. You could buy from a brand you trust but ensure you spend your money wisely since that would stretch your pockets beyond their limit.


Getting stiff shoes or uncomfortable ones is setting yourself up for failure accompanied by discomfort. While choosing a suitable pair of ballroom dancing shoes, fit them and try to move around to see if they are flexible and whether you can easily dance with them. Alternatively, look at the material of the sole. Suede soles are the best since they provide grip and at the same time, they allow you to glide on the ballroom dance floor gracefully.

There are various types and brands of ballroom dancing shoes, including Veryfine Dance Shoes but choosing the right pair requires one to be keen. Using the factors in this text, you will efficiently and successfully find the perfect ballroom dance shoes.

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