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Five Gifts for Music Lovers

For many people, music is a hugely significant part of life. It’s something that guides them through low periods and makes the happy moments radiant with joy. It facilitates laughter, romance, dance and creativity – and for music lovers the world over; there’s no end to the amount they can invest in their music library and the tech they use to listen to their favorite tracks. If you’re in the market for a gift for a music-loving friend, this five-item list should provide ample inspiration for you to go out and buy a gift that taps into your loved one’s passion for sound.

Physical Albums 

The rise of music streaming has enabled music lovers to cherry pick from the world’s finest albums and EPs to compile music libraries and playlists that cross genres and continents in their scope. But at the same time, the novel of unwrapping a complete album – a complete work of art by the artist – has slightly waned. To bring your friend back to full-album appreciation, purchase them a CD or vinyl record that they can play end-to-end for an immersive musical experience.


Does your music-loving friend already play an instrument, or have they always talked about wanting to? Can you afford to find an instrument for them that you know will light their eyes up with glee? Cheap keyboards and ukuleles are some of the best instrumental presents – it’s easy for your friend to learn chords from their favorite songs on these instruments.


Whether you opt for portable wireless speakers or a more traditional stereo set with an amp that boosts the volume up to 11, quality speakers will of course help your friend experience the deep intricacies of the music that they love – and make a great gift for a friend who’s always playing music off their phone in the absence of a sound-boosting device.

Headphones or Earphones

As with the best-quality speakers, if you can find some great value personal listening apparatus for your friend, you’ll be likewise offering them a premium listening experience through which they’ll extract the greatest pleasure when they play their tunes. Head to Choosist for a comparison of those on the market at present. Whether over-ear or in-ear, you’ll find the best quality in your price range by researching and comparing reviews from other devoted music fans.

Gig Tickets

Finally, there’s the live music option. It’s perhaps the best option, as you’ll be able to source tickets to a gig hosted by you and your friend’s favorite band. The shared euphoric experience of hearing some of your favorite-ever tracks performed live in an upbeat crowd is an unbeatable gift that your friend will be over the moon to receive. Again, head on to band websites to check out their touring dates – and if anything matches with your locality, go ahead and book yourselves in for a night to remember.

Gifts for music lovers are hugely exciting to source, as you’ll know whatever you give them that’s related to music, they’re sure to enjoy. If you’re looking for inspiration, though, the five tips above should help you select the perfect gift for your music-loving friend’s needs.

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