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Firewall Facts: Is It Worth Your Money?

What Are Firewalls?

Firewalls are an essential component of your IT security package. Often the role of firewalls are confused with anti-malware software, but while anti-malware software and firewalls both serve the same end of protecting your information and computer systems, they do so in different ways. Anti-malware keeps destructive and compromising software off your systems, firewalls prevent unauthorized access to your systems and data.

Aren’t There Free Firewall Solutions?

It’s possible that you have free firewall software on your home PC. Are free firewalls any good? Absolutely! If your home system is strictly used for personal use, a free firewall is likely sufficient. But at the end of the day, you still get what you pay for. You’ll want any computer systems that handle sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information to have top-notch protection, including firewall protection. To ensure optimum protection, you are best off paying IT professionals to manage your security package to protect you from hackers, malware, and other intruders.

What Do I Get With Managed Firewall Service?

A managed firewall service likely comes bundled with other paid security services. The advantages of paid firewall services are many. Having professionals manage your computer security means that your anti-malware and firewall protection work seamlessly together. A managed security service will ensure that your protection is up to date to keep your systems safe from the latest threats, not only upon installation but on a regular basis. Professional service will test your systems for vulnerabilities and recommend custom solutions. Professional protection will ensure that you are proactively confronting threats, rather than waiting until after your systems have been compromised to take care of threats.

Your data and computer systems are critical to the functioning of your business. You can’t afford to invest in the professional protection of your data. You wouldn’t leave the physical protection of your premises to an amateur, so why would you leave your digital protection to free services when hackers and malware are rampant on the internet. Experts in Ottawa IT services suggest having your business screened to identify any potential threats that could slip past your current IT team or firewall.

Don’t roll the dice on your businesses security and stability. A hack can have devastating effects on your reputation, income, and functioning. By investing in IT services, you will have greater security for your business and support should any problem arise.

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By carefully picking and choosing which security solutions to deploy, you can keep your physical assets secure while keeping your human assets happy.