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Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for a Techie

HAMBURG, GERMANY - DECEMBER 07: A christmas tree is seen on the main pedestrian street on December 7, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. According to a recent study people in Germany will spend over EUR 70 billion this Christmas season on gifts, food, travel and decorations, of which they will spend EUR 10 billion online. (Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images)

With the holiday season approaching, we are all going to do a lot of shopping in the next couple of weeks. And if you find yourself shopping for a gadget-obsessed family member or a friend, you should make sure you go after some of the most popular and sought-after gifts out there. In case you don’t know much about the latest gadgetry, you should check out our list of top 5 gifts for a real techie.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

We all know how easy it is to lose your car keys when you are in the middle of a hurry. Luckily, today there are Bluetooth tracking tags that can be attached to your keys or anything else you constantly keep losing. Then, if you lose that item once again, all you have to do is use a companion app that always comes with the tracking tag and plays the sound that will help you find it. This makes it a perfect gift for a friend who is into gadgetry and constantly keeps losing things.

Guitar Sidekick

If you have a friend who plays the guitar and enjoys using the latest pieces of gadgetry, Guitar Sidekick might just be a perfect gift you can buy. All the guitarists enjoy using some of the music learning resources and guitar sidekick is a perfect gadget for making this much easier. It is a quite handy device that can be attached to a guitar neck and help your friend keep an eye on all the chords and lyrics. So if your friend keeps flipping through the sheets of paper or tries to read the small print on their cell phone while playing the guitar, this is a perfect gift for them.

Misfit Ray

Another thing we can use gadgets for today is keeping track of how many steps we take and how many calories we burn. Misfit Ray is a slim smart bracelet that can help you do all of this and help you keep track of your sleeping pattern. It is waterproof and comes with non-charging batteries that can last even up to 6 months. Also, it comes in 6 different colors, from black to yellow. So, if a friend of yours has recently started to work out or joined a gym, Misfit Ray might just be a great gift for them.

Wireless PS4 Controller

Every PS4 user knows how easy it is to brake or simply lose your PS4 controller. This is especially the case if you keep taking it to your friends’ places when playing some of the latest PS4 games together. This also means that getting a wireless PS4 controller for your techie friend is always a good idea. Also, if you choose a wireless one, you are going to make your friend’s life much easier. If you decide to get one of these for your friend, make sure you always get the best deal for it. Shopping on proven websites such as MySky is something you can never go wrong with.

Plush Texting Glove

Texting while wearing your gloves can be very daunting. In most of the cases, you actually have to take your gloves off in order to even manage to unlock your cellphone. Still, today there are gloves that are stitched with conductive threading which enables you to text while wearing them. Not to mention that these also come with a ribbed knit that prevents snow from slipping down your wrists. You can get them in three different colors as well as blue and white jacquard pattern. Every techie is guaranteed to find such a pair of gloves quite handy.

You simply can’t go wrong if you decide to get any of these 5 gifts for your friend. Just don’t make any rash decisions and check all the stores to make sure you don’t overspend.

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