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How to Find the Best Ideas For Your Online Content

We all know how important it is to feature original, quality, and highly engaging content on your website, in order to attract new clients, and keep them, in order to drive your business further towards increased profits.

We all know how important it is to feature original, quality, and highly engaging content on your website, in order to attract new clients, and keep them, in order to drive your business further towards increased profits. Content may never have mattered that much in the past, but these days it is regarded as one of the most crucial areas to cover for businesses, as part of their online marketing campaign.

Nowadays, it’s not just about straightforward marketing, because everything is online in a huge way. If you are constantly finding yourself scratching your head, trying to come up with original ideas for online content, something which hasn’t been covered by your competitors, and something which is going to make your current and prospective clients sit up and take notice, then there are a few areas you can turn your attention to.

What makes content relevant and original?

  • Content needs to be relevant to your company and the product/services you are selling, as well as the time you are writing it
  • Content needs to be something your competitors haven’t covered, and something you haven’t covered before too
  • It needs to be SEO optimised
  • It has to pass originality and Copyscape checks for plagiarism
  • Keywords need to be well researched and naturally placed within the text
  • The content needs to be written by a skilled writer, in a voice which suits your target audience
  • It has to generate a buzz which is passed from person to person

So, we now know what original content is and what it does, but how can we find it?

Here are a few ways.

Check out what your target audience are looking for

A good way to find out what your audience want to read, and what they are currently buzzing and talking about is by either heading to Google and doing some long and lengthy research, or head to, where you will find information on your audience’s preferences. Ask a specific question to speed up the search process.

Go where your audience goes

Head over to the forums and blogs where your target audience head, and lurk a little! This is a very effective way to find out what is happening in their world, what is important to them, the buzz topics of the time, what they need, and what they want. From there you can target your content to answer the common questions they are asking. Once you have a few short-listed topics, check out Buzzsumo to find some specific topics within that list.

Talk to your support staff

To really connect with your audience and their needs, head to your support staff, such as IT, customer support etc, and ask them what types of queries and questions they are getting on a regular basis. You could form content around these common problems or questions – nothing is more relevant than that! This also gives you an important insight into the current time in your clients’ needs, and will no doubt throw some inspiration your way.

Once you have an idea of the content you want, you can research keywords and create the content. Of course, many businesses choose to outsource the writing side of it to a freelance writer, and that is certainly a very good idea. Why not make use of someone’s creative skills, helping you to push your content further into the higher quality and relevant bracket?

The bottom line here is that quality, original content, which is written in a high quality and receptive way is going to do you more good than any other marketing form. Connecting with your clients in this way is so important in this digital, technological age, and if you can really identify the topics and areas which matter, you will find that word of mouth snowball effect really takes place. 

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My name is Florin and I am a full time blogger. I am digital marketing expert who loves to write about subjects that help small businesses grow their brands and increase their rankings online.

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