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Fibre Advancements Driving Cloud Storage Businesses

Data transfer has never been as fast as it is today, which places increased demand on businesses to employ better fibre management solutions to ensure minimum downtime and data availability of wide area networks that was previously only available over the best locally wired connections. For the first time in history, it is becoming safer and more practical to store all your business data away from your place of operation.

data transfer

Businesses that now use cloud technology from Dell, could have been the same customers who would once need to depend on Dell data storage solutions on their local network. The changing face of IT infrastructure means that IT equipment manufacturers have had to change their business models to retain their share of the market. That’s not a bad thing, but it does mean that cloud storage is now one of the fastest growing areas in IT.

Services in the Cloud

Cloud storage suppliers may be the beneficiary that many of us can easily identify with because nearly everyone who use a mobile handset and a computer will have at some time used a cloud storage service to synchronise their files. Businesses have used cloud services for many years, but when a large percentage of people use the same solutions in everyday life, you can rest assured that the fad or trend has become a necessity.

None of this would be possible if it was not for the arrival of fibre networks because that is what initially made cloud computing and cloud storage a viable product. Broadband connections are sufficient for most people who want to store a few photos, but the real market drivers are those early adopters who made things like YouTube into a phenomenon. Thanks to everyone having their eyes opened to the possibilities cloud computing offered, the age of the datacentre in a room with banks of air conditioning units will become a distant memory to everyone except people who work in the outsourced datacentre industry.

Practical Advancements in Fibre Tech

Fibre to the pavement (FTTP) is a reality for a large percentage of the population and many have taken it a step further with fibre to the home or business and have removed the need for copper networks completely. The result is carriers are now offering speeds up to 100mbs that makes the transfer of data to and from cloud storage much faster than the home wireless networks we endured for many years.

The practical uses of fibre connectivity is abundantly apparent, but it will shock many people to learn that while the IT side of fibre has rocketed, it’s only in 2013 that we have actually been able to lay fibre cables without breaking and having to replace them at almost every turn (literally). ‘Pushable’ fibre may have been the most important advancement for the technology in the last year and all it does is stop the cable breaking…you can’t make it up.

Being part of the Dell team, I know we have a great range of cloud technology and data storage solutions on offer. Visit the site and browse the solutions on offer.

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