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Few Things to Consider For SEO When Designing a Website

Search engines like Google have made their presence felt quite immensely in these past few years. Now, regarding web design in India, there are numerous things that you should remember.

There is a significant impact of design on how content should be visible to the viewers, and so is the case with SEO. However, there are a few concepts of SEO and web design India, in which the experts in this discipline find a challenge to communicate with the designers. In such cases, a website might be very well-designed, but when it comes to optimization, it was deplorable!

You shouldn’t forget some vital technical areas if you want to keep away from rebuilding or migration of your site in the future:


Think about what’s suitable for your website? Is it HTTP or HTTPS? Indeed, the latter is what’s needed, especially when that is an additional rating element through Google. The thumb rule is that if you want to make a commercial website, which involves buying and selling, you must have an HTTPS security for your site. Otherwise, your potential customers won’t trust you for making payments.

Think deeply about your URL’s canonical version:

Duplicate content material troubles may also rise if Google can identify similar content through more-than-one URLs. Pages will be competing with each other needlessly without any transparent model. In the eyes of a developer, a webpage is considered as unique if it has an ID, which is unique within the internet site’s database. At the same time, as for search engines like Google and Yahoo, it’s the URL is the thing that acts as an identifier. A developer should remember that through a single URL, one can access one content only.

The loading speed of the site:

There is quite a stress on developers for on-time delivery of code, and hence, they may forget about segments that can affect the loading time of a website. A site owner should communicate to the developers about the loading time of a webpage since it has a vital role to play in website optimization.

Locations and Languages:

If you’re making plans to target customers from distinct countries, you want to determine whether your web page could be following different languages, regions, or maybe both. Hence, one must consider some critical points like issues with duplicate content, localized key-word studies, etc., before building a site.

If you use domain names of different outcries, it offers a bonus of closely targeting ay specific language or country. However, this technique depends on you having the sources for constructing and maintaining infrastructure, writing quite a unique content material, and promoting every domain.

The smoothness of modifying and versatility in a specific stage:

Google tends to update their necessities ad recommendations all of the time. Your platform should be adaptable enough to make brief adjustments at scale to your web page.

Key factors in designing to remember to keep away from redesigning in the future:

Inner linking and architecture:

An excellent structure for information is vital if you need search engines like Google and yahoo to discover your content material and present it to your potential customers. If Google bots can’t reach your content material, it won’t be ranking well enough. To have an information structure is vital for the customers to discover what they’re searching for effortlessly.

Ensure that a potential visitor can get to site details with as minimum clicks as possible. If this is the case, then it means that your viewers can reach your content effortlessly.

Make use of a keyword or competitor research for guiding your essential web pages. However, you must group your pages in a way that is focused on your users. Use a card sorting technique to find out how the users are mapping relationships between the websites’ contents.

The design of your content:

Think about the types of content that will be hosted on your website. Will it be some whitepapers, video libraries, or others? Map the strategy for your content for understanding what kind of format you’ll be using and the functionalities it will need. Understanding the type of content, you will be generating will assist in designing the web page’s standards and creating an interface that is quite user-friendly.

Structured data and readability by machine (Flash, JS, iFrame):

The pages of your website may use a lot of technology consisting of Flash, Javascript, and Ajax that the crawlers might find it difficult to apprehend. Although it will be essential to offer a better experience for consumers, you want to be privy to the problems that may arise from using these technologies.

The design should be responsive:

As we see a rarer variant in gadgets and their necessities, ‘mobile’ isn’t a separate channel any longer and alternatively is turning into innovation for getting access to the net. Therefore, the long-time period objective must be building a user-friendly experience in every device. It is the responsiveness in design that can help to create smooth experiences specific to devices.


It is 2020, and Google’s algorithm is continually getting updated. Hence, to stay ahead in the competition, you need to develop an excellent website. For this, some of the considerations mentioned earlier should be kept in mind so that your site is optimized for SEO, and you get a good search rank, which will eventually fetch you substantial business.

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