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Fantastic PSD to WordPress Conversion Tactics that Can Help Your Business Grow

Have you decided to organize your website with WordPress? Awesome!! Believe us, this will be your best decision and you won’t regret later. Now, you need a stunning WordPress theme that can turn your website to and super exciting one and add more visitors to your website.

So, are you ready to convert your website from PSD to WordPress? Fantastic! This blog covers every single detail that will help you in PSD to WordPress Conversion to grow your business.

Before we move on to the conversion tactics, let us first understand what actually PSD and WordPress themes are?

What is PSD?

PSD is a file which is commonly known as Photoshop document created by Adobe Photoshop. This is the file which allows you to save and edit images and show all your creative abilities to create your custom design.

What are WordPress Themes?

WordPress has become the most popular platform for blog and website building since its existence in the year 2003.

A WordPress theme is basically a group of files, called templates that actually decide the look of your website.

Why You Need PSD to WordPress Conversion Service for your Website?

People usually have queries in their mind that ‘How PSD to WordPress Conversion Can Boost Business Performance?’

‘What are the benefits of using PSD to WordPress Conversion strategies to help the business grow globally?’

The answer to all these queries can be seen from the growing popularity of WordPress design in today’s world. Listed below are some of the unbelievable Advantages of using PSD to WordPress Conversion Services for your business.

  • Search engine friendly sites: WordPress consists of inbuilt functionalities that automatically cater to its search engine friendliness. There are various SEO plug-ins developed by the WordPress community to handle On-page SEO. 
  • Best for Professional Blogging: Starting a new business or launching a new product is always an exciting experience. Using WordPress to share your experience can help you to give unique recognition to your business across the globe.
  • Authenticated conversion service: Using PSD to WordPress Services, web designers create websites that are W3C Compliant, offer error-free coding with responsive designs. These websites help in increasing your sales by connecting with the target audience to your website.
  • Easy e-commerce integration and mobile friendliness: WordPress comes with various that help you in achieving business objectives. Also, the conversion services create dynamic and responsive layouts for its different users.
  • Cost Effective Solution: WordPress is an open source Content Management System and free to use.

Being endorsed with so much of benefits, WordPress website will surely going to help you boost your business. You just need to follow the steps to convert the Photoshop document to WordPress theme.

How to convert PSD template to a WordPress theme?

Conversion of picture design into a WordPress theme is a little difficult process. But, if you follow the below-mentioned step-by-step process, then it can be quite easy for you.

Let’s get started.

  1. Slicing your PSD file

The designing process starts with cutting down of your Photoshop images into small images. This will help you a lot in coding and add functionalities according to your need. You can use Photoshop or any other editing software to chop down the images. The easy way to slice your PSD is to look for these components first:

  • Background
  • Header and Separator
  • Footers and Others
  1. Create HTML and CSS Files

After Photoshop, it is time to move to the world of programming. In this step, you need to code the image files into HTML or XHTML format (index.htlml) and style them with CSS (style.css). You should have sound knowledge of coding to complete this step.  You can use Fireworks or Dreamweaver software to finish this step. But if you are a beginner in coding, no need to panic. You can take help from an expert programmer or WordPress development company to avoid silly mistakes.

Also, you can use online resources like W3schools, TutsPlus, and CSS Basics etc. to get knowledge about coding.

  1. Break down your index.html into WordPress theme file structure

Now your basic template is ready, you need to make it familiar with the WordPress environment. To create a professional looking WordPress site, it is very important to create an HTML file according to WordPress theme.

For this, break index.html into multiple files such as

  • archieve.php
  • footer.php
  • header.php
  • single.php
  • sidebar.php
  • comments.php
  • 404.php

For better organization of code, store them in different compartments of WordPress coding.

  1. Add WordPress Tags

You almost reached the end. Now the important task is the tagging of files. WordPress has a huge library of functions. All you need to do is to import these functions into theme files with the help of WordPress tags.

Here is the link that you can use to know about the available WordPress templates:

Now, you need to store all these files in the same folder. You can place these files into /wp-content/themes/path. Using this, you can easily find out your files during the WordPress installation process.

  1. Add Functionalities to your website

Now, you have created the custom design, you need to modify it according to your business needs and functionalities. You need to change the HTML code for this. Install a WordPress plug-in to make the required changes effectively.

  1. Test and Run Your Website

You PSD to WordPress Conversion is ready. Test all the functionalities to check that they work in the right condition. Review all the elements and launch your website.

Congratulations!! Your WordPress design is ready to use. Now start publishing your content, attract your target audience and increase your sales.

PSD to WordPress Conversion Service is quite simple. Isn’t it? You can easily convert your Photoshop template into a WordPress theme with these simple tactics and create your own unique and responsive website. Give it a shot and watch your website to reach the heights of innovation and success.

Finding difficult to do so? No problem, you can also hire a professional Web developer for PSD to WordPress Conversion Service.

Pixlogix Infotech is one such Magento Development Company that offers Magento ecommerce designing and development services as per the unique client’s requirements.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sunny Rai

    February 7, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    Really useful blog with practical information. These tactics helping me in converting even complex PSD’s too. Thanks man!

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