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Facebook Unveils It’s Recent News Feed Redesign

Facebook, the world’€™s most popular and admired social media site has finally launched its revamped look, redefining it with features manifold. With a decade of dominance in the social networking domain, Facebook has finally unveiled its latest impressive design after months of painstaking efforts.

facebook newsfeed

Changing the very essence of life, social media has been one of the most striking developments fostering interactive networking both online and offline. And among the multitude social platforms, Facebook has lucratively earned an exclusive position as one of the most frequented social media websites. However, the recent alterations and unique implementations is now a much talked about subject.

Why the Revised News Feed

Facebook rolled out its updated look for all desktop, mobile, tab users aiming for a consistent, effortless and uncomplicated usage across all platforms. The revised home page and the news feed mirror the site’€™s objective to be the legitimate news source. Indeed it was a big step for the site’€™s interface!

The Glaring Changes

  • The new design appearing in the News Feed enhances the look of the content, making it appear larger and more interesting. Users can re-engage the apps with the bookmark facility.
  • The engaging features like games, music videos are now more accessible and users can opt for high resolution feed stories that offer 600X600 pixel images on web as well as mobile.
  • The new iconography, new fonts like Arial and Helvetica and the story cards have all caught the delight of the global audience. Ditching the significant drop down menu bar of the feeds, the universally accepted social media has shifted them back to the left side bar.
  • It helps businesses men to attain more prominence and attention in News Feeds. Further, if you have ads on Facebook you can get in News Feed that would make them appear larger, vibrant and richer in color.
  • The updated version of the Facebook feeds has thus, acquired the best of the both the features, the layout and the navigation of the previous version coupled with better images, articles, events, videos, maps and new fonts in a more emphasized way. These offer better control of the content in News Feed as well as see particular content that are important to us such as music, friends, games, photos and the list of brands or people whom we follow.
  • The News Feed can be viewed chronologically which means that your fans will be able to view all the content that you publish.
  • The Facebook Paper for Smartphone

It’s for the Smartphone! The all new app Paper enables you to connect with people via myriad topics, such as breaking news, headlines, sports, science, food and so on. It’s exciting to scroll the application in the touch screen phone.

The Pros-The Cons

The modifications are also signaling towards certain pros and cons for the users:

The Pros

  • You can categorize your information in varied streams that offers easy access to many topics.
  • The addition of hashtags renders simplified searches.
  • The pages you liked or the links that your friends post will be more effective and prominent. You will get to more from those pages in the news feed.

The Cons

  • If you are following a specific page for update news on varied topics then you need to search through the various feeds for the latest updates. Here you run the risk of missing them, thus confusing feeds
  • Over emphasis on larger videos and images has now made communication a bit difficult. To view the comments you need to move over the content, resulting in lesser inputs from friends.
  • If your business does not have provision for visual storytelling then you need to invest in visuals to garner the attention of the users.

It can be remarked that Facebook has been a champion in initiating its plan in March, 2014. With the changes rolling out, explore the feeds for better browsing.

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  1. Sudipto

    April 20, 2014 at 6:57 am

    Hey Eva,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Facebook new design seems good and I learned lots of new thing in Facebook update about which I have no idea.

  2. Eva

    April 21, 2014 at 9:53 am

    Hi Sudipto,
    Thanks for stopping by, good to know it….

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