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Facebook Introduces New Privacy Control for Applications

The issue of privacy on the Internet, particularly among Facebook users, has always been controversial. In December 2009, Facebook launched new privacy controls which still divides opinion today. Their aim was to give users the ability to customise privacy settings for shareable contents such as status updates, links, photo albums and videos. As a result, Facebook users could now choose whether to make their contents visible to either Everyone, Friends of friends or Only Friends depending on user preferences.

As a result of user-feedback in response to the introduction of customisable settings last year, Facebook has now extended the same level of control to contents that are shared through applications. This new extension will allow Facebook users to personalise the audience for each piece of content shared through applications such that by means of a drop-down menu near the lock icon on the home page or profile, you can simply select the group of people you want to share your applications with. For example, you can now choose a group of friends you want to see a ‘humorous greeting card’ just posted from an application while it remains hidden from others.

In summary, these new privacy controls will enable Facebook users to determine who sees content posted to the Facebook Web site through any third-party application on, a desktop computer, mobile phone, or from a Facebook Connect website or service.

Talking Point

Are you less concerned about Privacy on Facebook with the introduction of the new controls or do you think they do not change anything?

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  1. CouponWebz

    February 19, 2010 at 1:06 am

    It still depends on your friends whether they use the feature or not. Still, i find this new privacy control for applications useful to some point.

  2. Marc Rasmussen

    August 4, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    When you sign up for or activate a certain program, it’s possible that hackers could get access to all the information. Facebook is can be really fun but it’s very important that you wisely choose the information you give out as well to protect your privacy.

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