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Extracting Mail Files from NSF to EML

Email clients are of various types and categories; some only process emailing services while others offer calendaring, contacts storage, etc facilities as well. Meanwhile, Lotus Notes has been topping the list of the best clients ever since by provisioning all email and collaboration based functions along with the extreme level of security measures for the client data. With time, newer clients rose to fame and started coming into existence like; Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc. There is a specialty of these clients that makes Lotus Notes users extract mail files from NSF to EML. This segment will be discussing about all those reasons that put forward the respective requirement in front of users.

Lotus Notes NSF to EML

What Makes Users Extract Mail Files From NSF To EML?

A number of reasons could be behind the necessity of converting NSF data to EML format depending on the situation and requirement.

  • Firstly, Lotus Notes is considered as a very technically advanced email application. Being advanced on the back-end also affects the operational front i.e. user end. The ability to offer the best level of security measures for transaction of data or the one stored within the client or Server also requires a lot of techniques. Hence, the adverse affects of these are experienced when users operate Lotus Notes in the form of complications, difficulty, etc.
  • Secondly, as stated above; Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Window Mail, etc all have one thing in common. The only thing common about these emailing clients is that they all function on EML format file. For the storage of email data these clients support .eml format of files.

As a conclusion, whether you are not satisfied with your Lotus Notes client or are looking for data mobility and versatility of acceptance which lacks in case of NSF files then, users can simply extract mail files from NSF to EML and get over the issue.

How To Extract Mail Files From NSF To EML?

As it has already been discussed that the requirement of switching from Lotus Notes to EML supported client varies from user to user but a reliable procedure of conversion could only be one. Although there is a manual procedure available for the same but, it isn’t quite suggestible because of the inconvenience it serves.

External category of solutions is primarily given importance because they are designed to lessen the efforts required for operating the conversion. So, there is not much to be done when executing the conversion. SysTools NSF Converter tool is amongst one of the best utilities available for extraction of emails from Lotus Notes to EML file format as well as MSG. This application also comes with a trial version that demonstrates the software by letting users convert 50 emails for free.

NSF to EML Conversion Infographic

Written By

There are plenty of applications developed by Jerry Ruphelo with advanced techniques and user friendly operations one of which is NSF Converter to export mail files from NSF to EML file format.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jenny Lembert (

    January 15, 2014 at 8:03 am

    There are number of tools like above one those can help users in exporting their NSF data into following formats PST/MSG/EML but important point is whether the tool is secure or not for the crucial data. So it is always advisable to go for trusted brands.

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