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Expressive Graphic Design Tricks for Social Media without Designing Skills

Visually appealing graphics are increasingly becoming a norm in today’s social media culture. Due to the growing popularity of social media, more and more people are creating and sharing visually attractive content on a daily basis. Not just that, the fresh generation of millennials, also known as Gen Z, is obsessed with everything that looks flashy. They are making their statements with bold pictures and creative designs.

In fact, this is the reason why platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have become a talking point cutting across every age group. As far as Facebook is concerned, posts with an image get 2.3 times more engagement than those without, while Twitter posts with an image and summary are 78% more likely to get shared. From celebs to commoners, social media is providing a unique opportunity for everyone to be their creative best.

When it comes to brand promotional strategies of businesses on social media, graphic design plays a vital role in attracting as many prospects as possible. Thus having an attractive graphic design attached to various social media posts, your business’s perception, and hence, brand image receives a huge boost. Turns out, the more compelling your social media design templates are, the more audience you will attract and an increased brand value your business will achieve.

Here are some simple yet effective design tips for social media, especially when you are not a savvy designer:

1.      Lay down your design goals

Before you give your creativity wings and land your designs on social media, you have to determine your design goals. Social media is not a wall for abstract graffiti; it’s a medium that can get your clients or customers. With every passing day, social media gets filled up with genuine content that is competing for attention. Thus determining your goal will help you create engaging graphics that cater specifically to the audience you’re trying to reach. To lay down your design goal, you need to ask who your target audience is for this design. You have to figure out which social networking sites do your ideal customers use regularly. So you have to be crystal clear why you are creating your social media design.

2.      Size of your font palette does matter

If your business has a standard font, you need to choose a consistent font palette. A consistent font size is a fantastic way to ensure a brand familiarity within your customer base. Try choosing a heading font, subtitle font, and body text font so that it creates a necessary impact. When it comes to social media, it is also important to choose the exact size of your canvas. Every social platform requires images with different specifications and different image types (e.g. image carousel, photo album, gifs). You’ll have to resize the image to fit the specific dimensions of every platform.

3.      Convey your message visually

As we focused on the value of visual appeal on social media, a profound visual message can make a big difference. Detailed visual illustrations with minimal texts can capture your viewers’ attention. It can also emphatically tell the story as quickly as possible. Fact is, humans can recall information much more effective when it is associated with a relevant graphic. Choose visuals that will evoke the specific emotion you want the audience to feel. So whatever story you are trying to project through social media, keep the information straightforward with highly visual content.

4.      Focus on what’s important

Building brand consistency on social media is all about getting noticed by your audience. So how will this happen? Well, when you focus on what you think is the most important element of your design. If you are running an online storefront, you can use textures or patterns to add an interesting contrast to product images. When it comes to capturing any visual, it takes a usual human eye only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion and reach a conclusion. So emphasize your message by focusing on the most significant phrases. More importantly, highlight the elements which compel the audience take the desired action.

5.      Keep it simple yet effective

Sometimes the most emphatic designs are the ones that are simple, expressive and easily comprehensible. The impactful design doesn’t mean you will make your social media platform a canvas for modern art. In view of this, understanding complex things do not necessarily mean to apply complexity to ourselves and others. Therefore, keeping things simpler is always a better way of striking a balance, even if it is a visual design. Simplicity attracts the most genuine interpretation of things, or at worst it invites constructive criticism by virtue of being perceptible. However, it is not easy to achieve. Just like any other way of unambiguous and clear communication, keeping it simple in terms of graphic design can help you connect with your audience.

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  1. john

    January 25, 2019 at 8:57 am

    I love graphic designing and as a beginner in the designer, your tips are very helpful for me thanks for the write-up and share with us this article.

  2. Ravi Jain

    February 6, 2019 at 8:33 am

    Great article on Graphic design skills. thanks for sharing this great information.

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