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Everything you Need to Know about Copy Print Scan Machine

Currently, machines are available where the entire job of COPY, Print, and Scan could be done in succession. These machines are known as multi-functional devices. Offices prefer to install these kinds of machines for the sake of convenience. Besides the functions mentioned above, the faxing of documents is also possible with these machines.

Another important reason for purchasing a multi-functional device like copy, print and scan machine is the involved cost. The companies need to invest fewer bucks with these kinds of machines instead of buying a separate copier, printer, and scanner.

The COPY, Print, and Scan machines bring up economies in spaces too. The offices require fixing spaces for one machine only instead of allotting spaces for three distinct devices.

Processes of copy, Print and Scan

  1. While taking a print of a document offered in soft copy, the user will select the piece as has been loaded in the PC. If it is in the email, the person would require downloading the document before printing.
  2. In the case of scanning, the manuscript is needed to place on the copier glass of the copy, print and scan machine. It releases prints in sided down form. The device may contain a feeder tray too. The document would print in the side up direction.

While scanning multiple sheets, the user would need to place the papers on the glass within a given time. The stack of documents can also be inserted all in one into the tray meant to keep the document.

Users will have to specify the recipient of the scanned document. The name of the recipient will be selected from the ‘Address Book’ if the person is one from the office.

If the copy, print and scan device does not carry the above facility, the user may need to tap on the name of the desired recipient. Alternatively, the person might need pressing a box beside the name. In case the intended recipient is not available in the ADDRESS BOOK, the person will be required to log in to the Email Address of the recipient.

Choosing Desired Scan Settings

In the course of changing the desired format, the user will be required to change the file layout. Color Mode, Resolution, and Types of Images will also be altered. While making the necessary alteration, the user will tap the ‘OPTION’ button. The appropriate feature will be selected from the downtrodden options.

The default scopes with a scanned document would be a PDF. For making the changes to JPEG, the user will tap on the file format button and select ‘JPEG’ from the options.

Scanning and Sending Document

After proper insertion of the document, the process of scanning would be required to commence. Commencement of scanning is helped with the pressing of the ‘START’ button.

Scanning completion will be indicated with a green light as soon as the process is over. After completion, a note will appear that states’ Start Sending.’ The user would require tapping of the button. Such pressing will enable the device to send the file to the person/s that is addressed for.

Removal of the Document After Scanning

Once the process is over, the user will set the operation in the normal mode. The ‘COPY’ button on the display panel helps the machine to remove the document after having these copied.

The devices offering scanning of documents using copiers with the scan and store option resemble with those machines offering scan and send features.

The devices offering scan and send features will differ from those that are offering ‘Scan and Store/Save’ option. After pressing the button, the machine will display a storage option stating ‘NETWORK and MEMORY MEDIA.’ The user would require choosing an alternative and the destination folder at the same time.

Thus, this is everything one needs to know about copy, print and scan machine. However, it is highly recommended that you buy device after thoroughly analyzing your requirement and about different manufacturers.

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