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Essential Rules for Good Commercial Catering

Whether catering for a simple corporate dinner or a large wedding party, commercial catering requires a sharp skill set to cater for any event effectively. A professional caterer is highly organized and knowledgeable in preparing large quantities of food and can keep party food flowing without any flaws. From the best food hygiene, through listening and understanding your clientele, to smart sales strategies, industrial catering companies usually stay on top of things.

The tricks and tips below can help enhance your commercial catering capabilities:

Planning and preparation – Make all the necessary preparations the day or night before the event to avoid rushing and forgetting the crucial things. Plan your operation well, ensuring that every single detail of the event is covered, with backup plans in place in case of emerging issues. Planning requires you to cross-check your client’s requirements, research the end customers, detail the event’s timelines and manage the deliverability against your staff’s capabilities. Do not forget the little vital details such as approximating the potential amounts of ingredients needed for the event and reserving suppliers on standby for emergencies. You should also be able to anticipate what could go wrong beforehand.

Ingredients– Research and practice on the best ingredients for the event. Look at your purchasing as a long-term benefit by investing more time, budget and energy into your stock. By doing this, you’ll be rewarded through your satisfied customers. Variety is essential; do not be trapped into sticking to what you are good at. It’ll be worthwhile to take a few risks and try a variety of new and exciting dishes that will entice the customers and also attract new ones.

Creativity – Every commercial caterer has the capability of being creative, and for you to succeed in this business, you should put your capabilities into good use. Sometimes you should take inspiration from the things you enjoy, the daily life and research into what people like and practice from what others have already done until you find a niche for yourself. Creativity involves taking risks with substance and style, and this is an essential factor in the catering industry. You should learn to inject a little spark into your catering techniques because customers love inventions.

Time – Time is of great essence in commercial catering service, because any delays can lead to a lot of disastrous effects. Rushing a dish out can compromise the quality and also ignore food presentation. The undercooked food, complaints from customers, and lack of repeat business are all the results of delays. Proper planning is necessary, and you should understand the time it takes for every dish to kook and arrange the preparation of the meals as early as possible. This will give you time to spare in case something goes wrong.

Presentation–For you to create memorable events, your food presentation should be top-notch. Well-presented food or drinks is a necessity in modern gastronomy, and it’s what makes you a great caterer. What entices the customer most is your food presentation before they even taste it. Do not undersell your food with a poor presentation. Invest in good ingredients and focus on its design and feel to make it memorable. When setting out to design a menu or dish, focus on the textures, colors, and arrangements that complement your flavors. Don’t forget to utilize your spontaneity and skills add something unique.

When hired as a commercial caterer, utilize fresh food ingredients by refrigerating them and making them always available. Source your ingredients from reputable food suppliers. During the entire duration of the event, ensure that you observe cleanliness by keeping your work area tidy and hygienic at all times. Also, plan ahead to avoid any mishap and build a perfect catering experience.

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1 Comment

  1. Penelope Smith

    February 22, 2019 at 1:29 am

    This is some really good information about catering. I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart to know what ingredients the cater will use. That makes sense if there are people who are going to be at the event who have food allergies.

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